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Enabling easy access to vetted junior professionals.
Empowering the next generation of consultants.

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Introducing our new Associates Program

In late 2022, Cansulta began our Associates Program as a pilot program to give junior professionals the opportunity to kick-start their consulting career and join our ever-growing global network of business strategists. 

Our Associates are vetted and ready to help execute specific task(s), support an entire project, or fill an internal resource gap. 

What can our Associates do for you?
Affiliate marketing | Audio production/editing | B2B & B2C Sales | Customer support | Data reporting & analytics | E-commerce store management | Front-end web development | Google Analytics | Hubspot implementation & configuration | Influencer outreach & marketing | Machine Learning | Market research | Merchandising | Podcast hosting & production | Product research | Project management & coordination | Research | Social media marketing | Web/campaign analytics | Virtual event management | Zoho implementation & configuration

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Giving junior professionals in-roads to consulting.

Many students and recent graduates want to jump into engaging consulting careers.

They have the skills; we have the connections.

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The right help, at the right time, for the right price.

Instead of relying on costly in-house staff or affordable interns in need of oversight, strike the perfect balance of vetted, junior talent—available on hourly, monthly, or project-based contracts.

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Consultants + Associates for the win!

We provide the option to add-on a Senior Consultant to mentor, coach, and review Associate output, while giving you access to their expertise and advice when needed.

Application & Vetting Process

We ensure that only qualified Associates are invited to join the Cansulta platform.


Candidates submit CV/résumé and complete a machine-led video interview.


Candidates complete 2 assignments, designed to gauge their approach to solving typical consulting tasks and ability to produce high-quality deliverables. 


Candidates provide professional and/or academic references.

How It Works

It’s easy for businesses to start working with our vetted Associates.

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Discuss Need

Contact our team to discuss your specific project, task, or role needs and to find the perfect Associate(s).

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Browse Profiles

Opportunities are shared with Associates.

Profiles of suitable Associates are shared with Client.

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Client and Associate discuss requirements and confirm mutual match.

Client can add Sr. Consultant to direct, train, or work alongside Associate(s).

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Commence Work

Client confirms Associate and purchases services.

Associate performs work as agreed.

Not sure where to start? We're here for you.

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