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Our Partner Network & Community

Cansulta is proudly associated with the following organizations. Contact us to make an introduction!

BootUp 360™

A highly structured hands-on business incubation platform with integrated mentorship, shaping entrepreneurs from ideation to launch.

Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce

The first–and only–Chamber of Commerce for women-identified and non-binary business owners in Canada.


The only global WordPress freelance marketplace with pre-vetted WordPress experts. Build with heart!



CreatorClub brings brands, startups and creators together to efficiently produce a high volume of content with an all-inclusive solution to content creation — from planning to studio space to distribution, and a curated roster of talent.

Family of Companies

C-suite-level expertise and support to your organization’s leadership through a community of companies designed specifically to drive success. Partners throughout all stages of your business’ life cycle, guiding you through to Growth, Performance, and Succession.

EIO Solutions

Replace “HR” with “EIO:” a self-funded management practice that builds better workplaces for employees and improves recruiting, engagement, and retention!


Raise up to $1,500,000 for your growing Canadian business through Equity Crowdfunding.



The Ultimate online hub for starting a startup. Discover startup jobs, events, courses, and grab coffee with the members.



FoundersPress is a publication by founders made for founders. Get the daily startup news and tech. Discover the next big thing in tech before it’s big.

Fraktal Software Technologies

Fraktal is a platform that allows companies to access quality IT talent and helps them manage the teams to ensure successful digital strategies at affordable rates.


Canada’s only national, non-profit organization that provides financing, mentoring and support tools to aspiring business owners aged 18-39.


Find the right lawyer for growing your business. Save time and money on legal with our Canada-wide network of independent lawyers ready to help.


Greater New York Chamber of Commerce

Helping 30K+ small businesses grow through networking, business expos, educational forums and international trade events.



Hardboot has been servicing the IT staffing needs of North America’s largest corporations, medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurial startups for 15+ years.

K.M. Steven & Company

K.M. Steven & Company specializes in helping clients recover refund money owed to them as a result of past purchases from companies settling Class Action Settlements.



Experts helping businesses to maximize the financial benefit they receive from R&D Tax Credits, Reverse Sales & Use Tax Audits, Employee Retention Credits, and other tax incentives.


Open People Network (OPN)

OPN is a community first company, bringing together Entrepreneurs, Investors & Partners.
We are building a global community of sharing, inclusion & collaboration for growth and financial success.

PERA Growth Hub

PERA Growth Hub breaks down the gap of opportunity and connects business owners, entrepreneurs, and late stage founders to PERA’s growing network of funding partners for debt or equity financing.


Funding at your fingertips! Pocketed is a powerful grant matching platform designed to do all the heavy lifting for you. Tax credits, grants, business incentives and more. Getting you the money you need to grow.

Remote Employee

Remote Employee helps businesses reduce operating costs, free up key staff members, and improve customer service & sales by rethinking the benefits of hiring global team members.



Transforming digital contract management for customers across Tech, Retail, Healthcare, Real Estate, Supply Chain, Legal, Finance, Energy, and many more.

Schooley Mitchell

The largest independent cost reduction consulting firm in North America. On average, they reduce essential business service expenses by 28% and have delivered over $540 million in documented savings to clients to date.

A comprehensive suite of software and services to build a business plan, find mentors, customers, funding and skilled team members.

Join from Cansulta and get a FREE 1-month trial of Founder Groups, an online community of founders for founders.

Swoop Funding

Access the money & services you need to grow your business. With loans, equity financing & crowdfunding, grants & tax credits, mortgages & equipment leasing & financing, Swoop matches businesses with funding from over 1,000 providers and identifies savings. Serving Canada, US, UK, Ireland, and Australia.


TorontoStarts is Toronto’s Entrepreneur & Startup Community with over 22,000 active entrepreneurs, visionaries, hustlers, disruptors, hackers and incurable risk-takers.

Virtual Gurus

Virtual Gurus connects North American virtual assistants with the businesses and professionals that need them, when they need them.


WEConnect International

WEConnect International helps drive money into the hands of women business owners by enabling them to compete in the global marketplace.

Support diverse suppliers! Cansulta is proudly certified as a Women Owned business (WOB).


Our Toolkit

Here are some of the tools we love that help us run Cansulta efficiently & effectively.

castmagic logo

Castmagic is the game-changing AI tool that turns long form audio into evergreen content.

We all know that podcasts and audio files are packed with valuable insights, but mining these insights and creating derivative content takes time and effort.

With Castmagic, you can turn your podcast audio into ready-to-use content in a matter of minutes using cutting-edge AI technology — putting your post production process on autopilot, and 10x your content output.

No Podcast? No Problem! They’re building the ‘Notion’ for Voice.
Castmagic is loved by youtubers, content marketers, b2b teams, coaches, bloggers, churches, webinars, academics, and modern creators of all types as a a foundational part of their content toolkit. We’ve already added several content presets for all these use cases.

Become a Cansulta VIP Client member for the code that will give you 30% off for 12 months on any plan.

luna logo

Luna is the world’s first software application that uses AI to suggest new high-quality leads every day and send them the personal emails they deserve – after all, nobody likes spam.

Across all Luna users, the average reply-rate is 5.5%. That’s a staggering 5+ times higher than the market average. Not without reason.

Nifty project management Nifty is the all-in-one workspace to keep people, projects, & functions aligned across your organization. With chat, tasks, goals, docs, and files all in one place — Nifty lets you focus on work instead of juggling tools. Nifty helps reduce project development cycles and improves team productivity by combining all of the important features of project management into one software. The end result is milestone-driven progress automation that keeps every stakeholder aligned, ensuring organizational goals remain on schedule. Nifty’s software allows you to manage tasks through Kanban, List, and Timeline views. Collaborating on Nifty is natural because each project has an individual discussion thread encouraging projects have a dedicated knowledge-hub. Nifty is built to encourage cross departmental collaboration like no other. With a built-in calendar, Nifty can be integrated with Google, Outlook as well as file and document sharing. Become a Cansulta VIP Client member to get 10% off when you subscribe.
Playhunt logo

Playhunt is HR software for candidate video screening.

Recruit the best talent 7x faster with videos of candidates answering your questions.

Cansulta has used this fantastic tool to screen 500+ applicants!

Become a Cansulta VIP Client member to get 10% off any subscription plans PLUS 100 additional bonus interviews!

WP Engine logo

WP Engine is the best WordPress host for your site.

Join the WordPress platform backed by a team of experts who are available 24/7 to make things easy for you.

Become a Cansulta VIP Client member to get 4 months free on annual Startup, Professional, Growth, and Scale plans!

Zoho logo

Zoho is a unique & powerful software suite to transform the way you work. Designed for businesses of all sizes, built by a company that values your privacy.

Featured apps:

  • CRM: Convert leads and close sales deals faster.
  • Desk: Helpdesk software to deliver great customer support.
  • Assist: Remote support and unattended remote access software.
  • Books: Powerful financial platform for growing businesses.
  • Social: The all-in-one social media management software.

Cansulta has been a proud & happy Zoho One customer for years. Sign up with our referral link and get $100 in credits!

Are you a software or service provider, agency, or network who serves entrepreneurial businesses?

We’re always looking for great communities, companies, and entrepreneurs to partner with so that we can bring the most value to our Cansulta community of clients and consultants.

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