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Cansulta hosts live events to bring you the expertise of our vetted consultants and experts.

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Ask A Consultant series

Each Wednesday, Cansulta hosts a FREE weekly drop-in, live Zoom Ask A Consultant (AAC) series with some of our vetted experts and consultants. Come join us and get the answers you need!

Register on Eventbrite and we’ll see you then!

Upcoming Cansulta Events

Upcoming Events

Cansulta On-The-Road. Cansulta On-The-Go.

Cansulta is planned to be present at the following events in 2024:

  1. Jan 25: Startup Investor Drinks [Toronto, Ontario]
  2. Feb 3-4: Franchise Canada Show [Toronto, Ontario]
  3. Feb 8: NGen N3 Summit: New, Now, Next in Advanced Manufacturing  [Toronto, Canada]
  4. Feb 9: Women in AI Symposium [Virtual]
  5. Feb 14: Co-Founder Matchup with Futurpreneur and TorontoStarts [Toronto, Canada]
  6. Feb 21-23: DeveloperWeek [San Francisco, USA]
  7. Feb 29: StrikeUP 2024 Digital Conference for Women Entrepreneurs [Toronto, Canada + Online]
  8. Feb 29: Startup Investor Drinks [Toronto, Ontario]
  9. Mar 26-27: CIX Summit [Toronto, Ontario]
  10. Mar 27: CIX After Party with TorontoStarts [Toronto, Canada]
  11. Apr 17-18: DiscoveryX Innovation Conference [Toronto, Canada]
  12. May 28-29: Chile Day [Toronto, Canada]
  13. May 30-31: Chile Day [New York, USA]
  14. June 7: CanadianSME National Business Awards [Toronto, Canada]
  15. June 12: ICTC Ontario Cohort Pitch Competition [Toronto, Canada]
  16. June 11-13: FABTECH Canada: Canada’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding & finishing event [Toronto, Ontario]
  17. June 13: Partner Webinar: Tackling the Supply Chain Talent Shortage with Michelle Peters, Supplino [Virtual]
  18. June 17: CAASA 2024 Start-up Round-up [Toronto, Ontario]
  19. June 17-20: Collision Conference [Toronto, Ontario]
  20. June 20: Collision After Party with TorontoStarts [Toronto, Canada]
  21. June 24: Small Business Show: Embracing  Digital Transformation for Small Businesses [Toronto, Canada]
  22. Aug 13-14: Blockchain Futurist Conference [Toronto, Canada]
  23. Aug 14: Futurist After Party with TorontoStarts [Toronto, Canada]
  24. Oct 1-3: Elevate Festival [Toronto, Canada]
  25. Oct 3: Elevate After Party with TorontoStarts [Toronto, Canada]
  26. Nov 6-7: VentureLab HardTech Summit [Toronto, Canada]

Past Events

Visit our Eventbrite page for past events.

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We offer free Intro sessions with every consultant to ensure that they’re exactly the right fit for your needs.

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