Cansulta hosts live events to bring you the expertise of our vetted consultants and experts.

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Learn from us. Learn with us.

Ask A Consultant series

Each Wednesday from 2-3pm Eastern, Cansulta now hosts a FREE weekly drop-in, live Zoom Ask A Consultant series with some of our vetted experts and consultants. Come join us and get the answers you need!

Upcoming Cansulta Events

Upcoming Events

Cansulta On-The-Road. Cansulta On-The-Go.

You’ll find Cansulta at the following events in 2022:

  1. Jun 20-23: Collision Conference [Toronto, Canada]
  2. Sep 20-22: Elevate Festival [Toronto, Canada]
  3. Sep 28-29: Bloomberg Canadian Finance Conference [Virtual]
  4. Oct 17-19: International Economic Forum of the Americas (IEFA) Toronto Global Forum 2022 [Toronto, Canada]
  5. Oct 18-20: TechCrunch Disrupt 2022 [San Francisco, USA]
  6. Oct 19-20: WEConnect Canada [Virtual]
  7. Oct 20: Startup Day [Virtual]
  8. Oct 26: Small Business Summit [Toronto, Canada]
  9. Oct 28: Metaverse and 5G Conference [Brampton, Canada]
  10. Nov 9: HardTech 2022: Canada’s Premier Hardware & Semiconductor Event [Markham, Canada]
  11. Nov 17: ICTC Ambassador Program: Support, Attract & Retain Women in your Organization [Toronto, Canada]
  12. Nov 24: AAGEF Entrepreneur Challenge 2022 [Toronto, Canada]
  13. Nov 25: WOMEN’s EMPOWERMENT, Social impact, Diversity, Equity & Entrepreneurship [Toronto, Canada]

Here’s what’s coming up for us in 2023:

  1. Jan 17: Live Startup Talk podcast: A conversation with Cansulta’s founder Alexandra and Strartup Coach Craig Major [Live online]
  2. Jan 26: Startup Investor Drinks: Networking – Drinks – Rapid Fire Pitches [Toronto, Canada]
  3. Collision Conference [Toronto, Canada]
  4. Elevate Festival [Toronto, Canada]
  5. WEConnect Canada [Virtual]

Past Events

Visit our Eventbrite page for past events.

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Mutual match?

We offer free Intro sessions with every consultant to ensure that they’re exactly the right fit for your needs.

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