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How Cansulta Supports Manufacturing Companies

At Cansulta, we understand the key challenges and opportunities that manufacturers face. As analytics, sensors, robotics, cloud computing, IIoT, and other disruptive technologies become cheaper and easier to implement, many manufacturers are advancing their digital transformation programs to stay competitive in the market. 

Manufacturers are also still grappling with major supply chain issues, with many companies turning to local manufacturers to get what they need in time. Rising prices are also making it harder to compete and remain profitable in these times. And the push for sustainable manufacturing has also spurred several initiatives such as better waste management and energy consumption, adoption of flexible manufacturing processes, and improving safety and ergonomics for workers.

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Strategic, Hands-On Expert Support

Work with us to design and implement custom strategies and plans that will maximize your business performance. Our high-value services for manufacturing companies include (but not limited to):

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Business Strategy & Transformation

Stay relevant and competitive

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Strategic Sourcing & Vendor Selection

Partner with the right service providers and vendor solutions

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Talent Management & Workforce Development

Strengthen your most valuable asset: your people

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ESG Strategy

Adapt to sustainability trends

  • Build unique digital capabilities 
  • Use IoT to maximize efficiency and meet operational targets
  • Implement robotics and automation to increase production rates, reduce safety risks, improve product quality, increase customer satisfaction, and address the skills gap
  • Invest in the right software and processes to track and manage inventory to save time and money
  • Unlock value through advanced data analytics
  • Transform your entire operating model
  • Capitalize on new and existing market opportunities
  • Design a strong business case and understand supplier market capabilities to develop targeted strategies and achieve greater efficiencies and higher returns through optimum sourcing models
  • Get support to manage the transaction process, and supplier transitioning and governance
  • Assess recommended software and service providers that best aligns with your business needs
  • Evaluate and plan organizational capacity and capabilities
  • Implement strategies to hire, train, and retain staff, and address skills gaps
  • Enforce regular training and safe work practices
  • Introduce hybrid, agile, and remote working
  • Assess how to adapt to deliver the environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) demands of the industry
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Featured Consultants

Our roster includes consultants with experience working with manufacturing companies who can offer ready-to-go or custom solutions to meet your unique business needs.

Operational Excellence Coach

Senior Business Consultant

Operational Excellence Expert

People Strategy Consultant

HR & Health/Safety Strategist

Funding Expert and Fractional CTO

Continuous Improvement Expert and Process Specialist

Change Management Expert

Finance Transformation & Fractional CFO

Organizational Transformation & Performance Consultant

Brand Marketing & Media Strategy Consultant

Energy and Carbon Management

Business Planning and Brand Management

Product Management, Operations, & General Management Executive

Managment Consultant & Project Manager

Our trusted, experienced consultants have helped companies including:

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