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Work as a Cansultant

Cansulta welcomes experienced consultants who can help clients solve their most pressing business challenges on an as-needed basis.

Administrative work should never prevent you from helping new clients. On Cansulta, we’ll take care of marketing, contracts, billing, and more—freeing you to focus on doing what you do best: sharing your insights and transforming businesses!

How It Works

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Receive meeting requests
Receive invitations to free Intro and paid consultations, added directly to your calendar. Exchange messages with clients to answer any important questions before you meet.
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Meet clients in live sessions
Provide your best ideas, insights, and recommendations and provide a brief Report.
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Propose and execute follow-up work
Direct clients to your E-store or send them a Custom Offer.
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Get paid
Your invoices and payment are processed automatically.
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Why Join as a Cansultant?

Help grow the world’s next great businesses.

Take your independent consulting practice to the next level.
Meet prospects in an array of interesting enterprises and be part of their journey.
It’s easy. They find you.

You Help Clients—We’ll Handle the Rest

  • Administrative work should never prevent you from helping new clients. Your insight and support can transform businesses; you ought to share it with as many people as possible!

Hands-Free Matchmaking

  • No more “next-job” stress—we’re always adding new clients to the platform, and they’ll find you when they need help. Let us worry about sales and marketing; you focus solely on what you do best!

Your Custom Marketplace

  • Sell and upsell at will—your Cansulta page is your own personal e-store where you can offer time-based consultations, standard or custom services, and digital products.

Your Virtual Office

  • Your private and secure Cansulta virtual meeting room supports note-taking, file and screen sharing, audio, and video, and is yours to use any time.

Streamlined Admin

  • Stop spending all your time on paperwork! No need to create lengthy proposals, presentations, or SOWs; we manage it all—including invoicing and payment. Without all the tedium, even small projects become viable opportunities!

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    NEW! Become an Associate.

    In late 2022, Cansulta began our Associates Program as a pilot program to give junior business professionals the opportunity to kick-start their consulting career and join our ever-growing global network of business strategists.

    If you’re an ambitious junior business professional looking to gain real-world experience, consider applying!

    Why Join as an Associate?

    Areas of Opportunity

    4 ways Associates can contribute and get involved:

    1. Support individual Cansultants on an hourly rate or fixed fee basis to execute tasks and complete work including research, scoped deliverables and work products, project management, etc.
    2. Fill resource or specific skill gaps in client teams
    3. Become a Cansulta team member on special client projects and/or internal initiatives such as blog writing, market research and industry reports, proposal development, etc.
    4. Represent Cansulta as a brand ambassador at various virtual and in-person events

    Benefits & Professional Development

    How Associates will develop:

    • Gain valuable knowledge and experience by working closely with senior consultants and industry experts
    • Access resources and specialized training based on your career goals and area(s) of interest
    • Enter our mentorship program and be assigned a professional who can help guide and shape your future

    Ready to Apply?

    Are you excited? Do you have what it takes?
    Visit our Application website to begin the process.

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