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Cansulta’s Unified Search: Improved!
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We’ve updated Cansulta’s Unified Search feature to serve you better! Our tool now quickly searches more content across profiles.

Have you tried Cansulta’s Unified Search feature? Whether you’re looking for a specific consultant, skill set or expertise, or just want to quickly search our library of products and services, it can help you find exactly what you’re looking for in no time. 

We’re excited to share that on March 8, 2024, this feature got a small but important upgrade!

Our Unified Search tool now searches even more content across the platform and from our CANsultant profiles, so it’s easier than ever to find exactly the right help you need.

So, what do you need help with today?

  • Looking for an expert with a specific credential, degree, or certification?
    • Certified in Google? Hubspot?
    • Python? Tableau?
  • Or maybe a particular methodology or skill set?
    • Lean? Agile? Six Sigma?
    • Coaching? Fundraising?
  • How about someone with experience in a particular sector?
    • Charity?
    • Automotive?
    • Battery or energy?

Use the magnifying glass icon in the header to try our Search from anywhere on the site!

How to Use the Search Function

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We’re excited to share our improved search feature! Try it out today!

Search by any keyword(s) related to the help you need or the project you’re working on, then narrow your search results by category, such as consultant, partner, associate, products, specialty, pages, and blogs.

We believe in making your life easier, and our Unified Search does just that! With our powerful universal search tool, you can quickly and easily find what you need, saving you time. 

Try it out today and see just how much easier searching can be!

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