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Unveiling Cansulta 360: Your New Business GPS
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The business journey has never been so difficult. Leaders are in the driver’s seat, tasked with propelling their companies forward, but constantly navigating societal, economic and regulatory detours. 

And it’s not just the external roadblocks that prevent strategic acceleration. Further complicating change in strategy are the internal dynamics. 

Research shows that organizations contain micro-organizations that each come with unique and contrasting approaches, directions, and methods. And this absence of a distinct identity and direction enables influential leaders to shift attention away from the fundamental strategy.

Speed to impact is everything, and if your leaders are each driving their own cars in the business slow lane, you might as well be driving in reverse. 

But there is a better way forward. 

Cansulta is excited to announce the launch of Business 360: your GPS for organizational effectiveness. Offering a structured approach to get your team aware, aligned and prioritized on the issues that matter most to your business. 

This new solution focuses on data-driven strategy and decision-making to accelerate speed to impact in days – not months. Fostering leadership awareness and alignment for future success. 

It’s based on the proven and proprietary JOURNEY Strategic Platform to help your organization make better decisions. The methodology is founded on 3 proprietary assessments. 

  • Business Identity: Similar to a Myers-Briggs assessment tailored for your business, this tool aids in grasping the organizational perceptions of your leaders and management team. Any gaps or conflicts are mapped out and we pinpoint your fundamental guiding principles, expediting alignment amongst leadership.
  • Change Capacity: It’s imperative to know who is stopping, impairing, hindering, supporting or driving change. This assessment measures team members’ risk tolerances and how well (or not) a team is positioned to sustain change. Measure agility and acceleration, remove subjectivity, validate gut feeling, accelerate decision-making, and complement traditional metrics. Know what your organization can sustain – quickly.
  • Operational Maturity: In considering a new strategy, the first step is assessing the current state of your operations. This is a process & operations evaluation that measures where an organization has been, where they currently are, and where they need to go in order to meet growth goals. It examines 47 different criteria to analyze operations, clearly exposes areas of imbalance, to help streamline processes and make informed decisions. Accurately predict outcomes, minimize fatigue, and accelerate better and more strategic decision-making within one facilitated session.

It’s recommended that organizations complete all 3 assessments on an annual basis; available as part of our new flagship Cansulta 360 package.

It’s time to get organizational strategy in less time with more data.

Schedule your consultation today to discover how Business 360 can benefit your organization.

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