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A person interacts with a futuristic holographic interface displaying a globe. The text overlay reads, "Conquering the AI Frontier: Overcoming Challenges and Securing ROI with Generative AI," and "Marcos Fugulin" at the bottom. The image is labeled as number 5 of 8.

Conquering the AI Frontier: Overcoming Challenges and Securing ROI

AI is a powerful tool for businesses, but navigating its challenges can be tricky. This guide helps you overcome hurdles like data security and integration. It also addresses managing change within your team and measuring the success of your AI project (define goals, track metrics, consider costs). Are you r...
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Category: Strategy, Technology
July 15, 2024
A person in a blue shirt holds a tablet displaying an AI graphic with circuit patterns and the word "AI." Above, icons representing generative AI are connected with lines. Text reads: "Building an AI Strategy: Your Personalized Roadmap to the Future, Marcos Fugulin." Marked "#4 of 8.

Building an AI Strategy: Your Personalized Roadmap to the Future

AI is rapidly transforming businesses! We explored the revolution it's causing and how Generative AI boosts creativity. But navigating this exciting landscape requires a plan. That's where a well-defined AI strategy comes in. It's your personalized guide to integrating AI, ensuring it aligns with your goals a...
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Category: Strategy, Technology
iliana.r  embracingchange sq

Embracing Change: The Future of Organizations

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations must adapt and embrace change to thrive. This blog post explores the history of management, the challenges faced in the digital era, and the importance of adopting an agile mindset. Discover how leadership and the use of tools can drive organizatio...
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Category: Leadership, People & HR, Strategy
nick.g how to fail at digital marketing sq 1 1

Effective Digital Marketing for Specialty Brands

Content marketing is about building brand loyalty so you’ll be the first thing the prospect considers when ready to become an active buyer. ...
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Category: Marketing, Strategy
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