How It Works

Our platform offers everything clients & consultants need to collaborate.

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4 simple steps

Find the right consultant

Our trusted network of consultants is ready to provide the specialized advice you need, when you need it.

Step 1

Find a consultant

Search & browse our network of vetted consultants to find the right one for your business and current needs.

Step 2

Book a consultant

View consultants’ availability and choose the most convenient time to meet. Invites are sent automatically, so all you need to do is show up!

Step 3

Meet virtually

Join the secure virtual meeting room at your scheduled time. Enjoy your time together discussing your business needs and opportunities!

Step 4

Next steps

Want your consultant to execute on the next phase of work? Develop your strategy? Review your implementation of their recommendations? Consultants will propose next steps, and you can choose whether to proceed.

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4 easy steps

Work as a Cansultant

Cansulta welcomes experienced consultants who can help clients solve their most pressing business challenges on an as-needed basis.

Administrative work should never prevent you from helping new clients. At Cansulta, we’ll take care of marketing, contracts, billing, and more—freeing you to focus on doing what you do best: sharing your insights and transforming businesses!

  • Receive meeting requests

    Receive invitations to free Introduction and paid consultations, added directly to your calendar. Exchange messages with clients to answer any important questions before you meet.

  • Meet clients in live sessions

    Provide your best ideas, insights, and recommendations and provide a brief Report.

  • Propose and execute follow-up work

    Direct clients to your E-store or send them a Custom Offer.

  • Get paid

    Your invoicing and payment is processed automatically after meetings are held and work is completed.

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Visit the Consultant Application page

To learn more about the process to become a part of our community.

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Mutual match?

We offer free 30 minute Introduction Sessions with consultants to ensure that they’re the right fit.

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