Transparent Pricing

No hidden fees, no commitment required.
Pay only for what you need, as you need it.

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How much does Cansulta cost?

You can browse Cansulta for free.

Once you create a free client account, you can browse the full Cansulta platform, view consultant profiles, message consultants and book live sessions, buy products and services.

Prices are shown directly on product pages in the Shop and on Consultant’s pages, in US dollars.

Consultants set their prices based on market value, their experience, and, most importantly, the value you can expect to gain from the collaboration.

You will be charged for live sessions and services. Upon checkout, Cansulta charges a booking fee for live consultations, and a service fee for products and services. This helps support our product development and operational costs.

Introductory Meetings

Find the right fit, with zero obligation!

Once you are registered, you can book one free 30-minute Intro meeting with each consultant. After that, Intro meetings cost $50 each. You can upgrade to a paid VIP membership for unlimited Intro meetings!

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1. Find and book

Find the consultant you want to work with.

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2. Meet

Meet them in a live, one-on-one secure live video-based meeting.

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3. Assess

You won’t solve your biggest challenges in 30 minutes, but you will get a sense of what’s possible.

After your session, your consultant will recommend next steps.

If it’s clear what you need...

Buy a product or professional service

Prices & fees are set by consultants
based on fair value and market rates

  • Buy a product or service from a consultant

  • All purchasable products are shown on consultants’ pages and in our Shop

Want to keep talking?

Buy a consultation

Hourly rate
(Default $250/h)

What’s included?

  • Live, collaborative 1-on-1 video-based live session with an expert

  • Post-meeting Report + Action Plan with concrete next steps to get you where you need to be

Are you a larger enterprise?
We welcome corporate clients.

Want to empower multiple leaders within your organization to collaborate with our consultants?
Cansulta is a global platform that supports the ambitions of your growing enterprise by connecting
you with precisely the consultants you need, exactly when you need them.
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More about professional services

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Consultants’ product and services are listed on their profiles.
Choose what you'd like to purchase, add them to your Cart, and Check Out. Simple!
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After purchase, your consultant will contact you.
The consultant will message you to confirm next steps and with any questions.

Need something custom?

Work with your consultant to build the service that’s perfect for you.
If their standard services don’t suit your needs, ask for something tailored.

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Send a message to the consultant with your request
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The consultant will prepare a short proposal and make a Custom Offer available just for you
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Accept the proposal by purchasing the private item from their profile
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Digital Products

Looking for an assessment, document, spreadsheet or presentation template, report, video, or online course?

If you are ready to tackle a task on your own, but just need a bit of structure, buy a digital product from one of our expert consultants.

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Find products

Browse consultant profiles or visit the Shop to see what’s available.

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Access within minutes

Choose a product, add to your Cart, and check out. For Instant Access digital products, you’ll receive the file(s) or links within minutes after payment.

Pricing FAQs

Cansulta is free for clients to register and browse the platform. You only pay for the services you use: live meetings, products and services. These prices are listed on consultant pages.

Cansulta charges a booking fee of $19 USD for all live consultations, and a service fee of 5% on all products and services which helps support product development and operational costs.

Booking fees are waived for our VIP client members, who also enjoy unlimited Intro meetings.

The default hourly rate for a 1-hour live consultation with a consultant is $250. Some consultants may have a lower or higher rate.

If it is your first time meeting with a consultant, we offer a free 30 minute Intro session for you to assess the mutual match with no commitment. VIP members can take advantage of unlimited Intro meetings.

No, Cansulta is set up to make it easy to pay for products and services. You pay Cansulta directly through the platform. We take care of distributing payment to consultants.

Our consultants price their own products and services based on market value, their experience level and the amount of time and effort it took to create the product.

At Cansulta, we believe in giving everyone access to opportunity and the ability to charge what they are worth.

For consistency, by default live Consultation Sessions with any consultant currently cost the same amount ($250 per hour), however some consultants may choose to charge more or less. Prices will be as shown on a consultant’s page.

Cansulta currently accepts payments via major credit cards through the secure Stripe platform. We do not collect or store your credit card information.

We also accept payment via direct bank transfer; our banking details will be provided upon checkout when you select this option.

Other payment options will be added in future.

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