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Unlock Collective Success!

If you lead or manage a for-profit or non-profit group, society, or association, Cansulta and our partners can help you AND your members.

Unite & Ignite!

Do you lead or manage a for-profit or not-for-profit group, society, or association?
We can help you AND your members!

Here’s how Cansulta and our partners can benefit you and your group:

Recover Funds

Recover funds that are owed or due to you and get back what you are entitled to through class action settlements or grants/credits.

Contact Joseph Locascio from K.M. Steven to learn more.

Save Money

Save money and optimize costs by consolidating contracts and taking advantage of group buys.

Contact Bryan Berry from Schooley Mitchell to learn more.

Optimize & Grow

Work with our trusted & experienced consultants to implement strategies to improve, optimize, and grow your group.

Contact our Business Concierge team to get matched.

A happy Non-profit client
"The savings [Schooley Mitchell] found for telecom were the equivalent of us getting 60 new donors - and it only took me a couple of hours of my time to make that happen. I'd do that again in a second."
A happy Healthcare client
"Schooley Mitchell generated 22% savings on our credit card fees and 54% savings related to our medical waste disposal. We are beyond happy the impact on our bottom line and the education they provided along the way."
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Schooley Mitchell recently saved an optometry association more than $200,000 on their various services.
Schooley Mitchell recently saved a non-profit $82,000 on its telecom expenses!
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Confidence & Trust

Our consultants, associates, and partners are reliable, tested, and vetted. Feel great knowing you’re referring your members to the best, trusted providers.


Your members will enjoy our top-quality, high-value products and services with discounts and at preferential rates.


Cansulta offers Group clients savings on product and services fees or makes in-kind contributions to charitable causes of their choice.

Benefits for Groups

See how Cansulta and our partners help Groups and Associations recover funds, save money, and optimize and grow!

in waste disposal savings for a multi-location medical group's waste disposal fees.
cost reduction for a chiropractic practice's payment processing fees, on top of 18% in telecom savings.
in annual savings for a medical association's payment processing fees.
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Groups We Can Support

Trade & Industry

Navigating complex industry regulations, managing member expectations, and staying on top of emerging trends can be overwhelming. 

Our experts bring years of industry-specific experience and knowledge to the table, so your members can make informed decisions with confidence.


Representing the interests of businesses within specific geographic areas, advocating for their needs, providing resources, and fostering local business growth. Crucial for economic development, promomting the growth of regional economies, attracting investors, and facilitating job creation.

Work with us to benefit your members by offering tailored guidance, local market expertise, and customized strategies to navigate regional regulations, capitalize on local opportunities, and drive sustainable business growth within their specific geographic context.

Underrepresented and Minority

Promoting and championing the growth and success of underestimated and underserved minority-owned businesses by providing resources, networking opportunities, and advocacy.

We offer these members specialized guidance, strategic planning, and access to industry insights, helping them navigate unique challenges, improve competitiveness, and achieve sustainable business growth in a diverse and inclusive marketplace.

Business Networks & Communities

Facilitating connections, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among entrepreneurs and business leaders via peer-to-peer networks and mentor communities.

We complement this work by providing member organizations with specialized expertise, objective insights, and personalized guidance to address specific challenges, seize opportunities, and optimize business strategies for sustainable growth and success.

Startup Incubators &Accelerators

Providing mentorship, resources, and funding to early-stage companies to help them grow and succeed.

Leverage our deep expertise in areas such as strategic planning, market research, and operational optimization, to enhance the support you provide to startups and to improve their effectiveness.

Professional Groups

Our team of experienced consultants can assist the members of professional associations and societies with strategic guidance and expert insights, ensuring they are able to reach their full potential and succeed in their respective professions.

Non-Profits & NGOs

As non-profits and NGOs work tirelessly to improve communities, it’s not uncommon to face complex challenges that require specific expertise. Take the first step towards transforming your organization and improving the communities you serve.


Our team of experienced consultants can assist the members of professional associations and societies with strategic guidance and expert insights, ensuring they are able to reach their full potential and succeed in their respective professions.

Member Benefits

Are you a member of a group, society, or association in need of expert guidance and support?

With Cansulta, finding the right consultant has never been easier!
Our platform is designed to give organizations the best experience possible by connecting you to trusted, vetted experts who can assist with any problem, big or small.
Whether it’s a one-hour consultation or an ongoing partnership, we believe that no one should have to face these challenges alone.

Join our community of satisfied clients and experience the power of expert advice today!

Access Expert Advice

Leverage a global network of consultants and subject matter experts for one-on-one guidance and personalized consulting to drive results.

Gain Perspective

Cut through the clutter of information overload by tapping into experts to identify new strategies, explore opportunities, and create growth opportunities for your organization.

Get Results Quickly

Cansulta simplifies and accelerates the consulting process by leveraging expertise from a trusted pool of consultants to address critical needs quickly and cost effectively.

Future-proof your business by investing in tools and techniques to guide your leadership team and to become a strong and effective leader yourself. Support your team by prioritizing exactly what your leadership team needs in order to increase overall performance.

  • Evaluate & plan organizational capacity and capabilities
  • Implement strategies to hire, train, and retain staff, and address skills gaps
  • Develop a recruitment and hiring strategy that aligns with your strategic priorities.
  • Learn new leadership techniques and refine old skills to improve your team dynamics

Every business is different and no one knows your business better than you. For owners and managers of small businesses, you are constantly juggling priorities, categorizing problems and planning for growth. For mid-sized and larger organizations, you need to be constantly revisiting your strategies to ensure continued success.

A key way to stay on top of it all is to be able to anticipate what you will be facing next. It’s helpful to pinpoint the stage you are at in the business, as your business needs will shift depending on your strategic priorities. Operational and strategic planning are pivotal to ensure success.

  • Assess the efficiency and efficacy of your business model, value proposition and architecture
  • Turn data into actionable insight with optimal data science, analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Optimize operations, organizational structures, financials and processes to gain efficiencies, reduce costs and mitigate inflationary pressures
  • Identify inefficiencies across the entire supply chain and address distribution complexities

Get expert advice and support to evolve, grow and stay ahead of the competition. By identifying areas for improvement, such as outdated technology or inefficient processes, and providing tailored solutions, consultants can help companies increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve their bottom line.

With their wealth of experience and strategic insights, business transformation consultants are the key to unlocking a company’s full potential and achieving sustainable success in an ever-changing marketplace.

When it comes to seeking a consultant, there are a myriad of expertise areas available for hire. These include financial, marketing, sustainability and even technical consulting services.

Depending on the business or project requirements, consultants can offer valuable insight, strategy and recommendations to help navigate the challenges faced in each area. In the end, hiring a consultant can bring invaluable expertise and fresh perspective to any project.

Featured Consultants

Our ever-expanding roster includes experts who can tailor a solution with you to solve your main challenges.










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