Benefits: Why Work With Us

No challenge too big, no business too small.

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Consultant Vetting Process

We’ve set the bar high.

On Cansulta, you’ll only meet vetted professionals who have passed our rigorous application process. Our consultants are all experienced, reliable, and knowledgeable, and meet our high professional and ethical standards.

Step 1

Application + Video

Candidates apply online and participate in an initial machine-led video interview.

Step 2

Live Interview + Demo Consultation

Candidates host a demo Consultation for our Talent team so we can gauge their comfort & experience in leading sessions.

Step 3

Sample Task + Deliverable

Candidates complete a sample Assignment related to their specialty to help us validate the quality of their work.

Step 4

Compliance, Setup + Training

Completion of legal agreements & compliance documentation to ensure confidentiality, conduct, and intellectual property.

Client Benefits

Make better business decisions with easy & affordable access to world-class consultants.

Avoid the stress and risk of making tough business decisions alone. Collaborate with world-class consultants to tackle every challenge or opportunity—no matter the topic, scale, or complexity—together.
Community network Accessible

Avoid overwhelming search results and firms who don’t return your call—on our platform, you can find vetted consultants, book free introductions, and schedule full consultations in minutes. When the right help is only a few clicks away, no problem is too big or small to handle together.

Safe money Affordable

No overhead, no padding—we’ve streamlined client/consultant collaboration to be easy and efficient so that you pay only for the support and services you need. Build your own team of expert advisors as needed!

Consultant Benefits

You Help Clients - We’ll Handle the Rest

Administrative work should never prevent you from helping new clients. Your insight and support can transform businesses; you ought to share it with as many people as possible!
Track progress

Hands-Free Matchmaking

No more “next-job” stress—we’re always adding new clients to the platform, and they’ll find you when they need help. Let us worry about sales and marketing; you focus solely on what you do best!

Successfully hitting the mark

Your Custom Marketplace

Sell and upsell at will—your Cansulta page is your own personal e-store where you can offer one-hour consultations, add-on services, and digital products.

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Your Virtual Office

Your private and secure Cansulta virtual meeting room supports note-taking, file and screen sharing, audio, and video, and is yours to use any time.

Streamlined Admin

Stop spending all your time on paperwork! No need to create lengthy proposals, presentations, or SOWs; we manage it all—including invoicing and payment! Without all the tedium, even small projects become viable opportunities!


Our platform is designed with you in mind.

Browse dozens of consultants

Based on specialty, region, or language.

Free 30 minute Introduction Sessions

Schedule a free 30 minute Introduction Session with a consultant of your choice to ensure it’s a good mutual match.


Gain access to relevant resources tailored for you, hand-picked or developed by our consultants.

Live 1:1 video consultations

Via secure, private virtual meeting rooms.

Live scheduling & calendar integration

Automated so that booking meetings is a piece of cake.

Community Forums

Have a look at our forums.

Set your own schedule

Live scheduling and calendar integration makes it easy for clients to book you as often as they wish, based on the availability you set.

One place to offer all of your services

You can offer consulting services as well as sell other products that you’ve made, like templates and guides.

Reduced admin

The hassle of paperwork is lessened as we handle most of it for you.

Live scheduling & calendar integration

Automated so that clients can easily book you when you are available.

Private virtual meeting room

Your secure Cansulta meeting room is yours to use any time.

Success Stories

I was immediately drawn to Lisa's ability to creatively solve complex problems. Lisa looks at the world differently in the best way possible; when most zig, Lisa zags. Lisa doesn't believe in "you's" or "I's", she believes in "we's" and does everything in her power to make sure each team member feels valued and their contributions are recognized. Even during our hectic schedules, I could always count on Lisa to take initiative and come in clutch. She is the definition of a "no look pass". I cannot express how much I enjoyed working with Lisa and can't recommend her enough!
Patrick Valoppi Founder
It was a fantastic experience working with Alex. She suggested fresh ideas that had a meaningful impact on the U+ team and business, and really drove the growth of the organization. Her strong research and analytical expertise are rivalled only by her great personality, which makes working with her a pleasure. I give my strongest recommendation to Alex!
Kevin Lin Director
Frank Buonpensiero "
John helped us see the bigger picture around what our business really did. He helped us bring several separate services together under one unique and powerful solution and made selling our combined services much easier. More than that: he helped our employees embrace their role in our shared mission, and has dramatically changed how investors look at our business!
Frank Buonpensiero Director