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New for Summer 2024, Cansulta is thrilled to be evolving our services with the addition of a Research and Publications team. We look forward to working with agencies and partners to distill existing data and reports into tactical, actionable insights to help organizations optimize their strategies and operations.

Work on our first industry report is currently underway, and scheduled for public release in early July 2024.

Productivity, Manufacturing, & Exports: A Possible Trinity

Snapshot of our Publication

Independently developed by renowned economists, Robert Alexander Mundell (legendary Canadian economist, also known as “father of the Euro”) and John Marcus Fleming, the impossible trinity is a concept in international economics. It states that it is impossible to have all three at the same time – an open capital account, a fixed exchange rate and an autonomous monetary policy. The idea of impossible trinity has subsequently been widely used to elucidate other sectoral concepts and theories.

In this research publication, we decided to buck the trend and talk about a possible trinity – where all three events can happen simultaneously. We are talking about enhancing productivity, boosting manufacturing and providing a fillip to exports in Canada. Given the deleterious effects of the pandemic and other geopolitical shocks, we should not look at this as a mere possibility but as an immediate priority for sustainable long-term growth.

We provide an overview of the manufacturing and export ecosystem in Canada, including a comparison with G7 countries. We have delved into the key drivers that are transforming the manufacturing sector worldwide and in Canada. We take a closer look at the huge impact of digital transformation on this sector and how all these factors are influencing consumer demand patterns and adaptability of businesses.

We then take a deep dive into the productivity conundrum – the current productivity trends and their impact on manufacturing and exports. We have done a diagnostic analysis of the reasons of falling productivity across three key factors – capital intensity, labor productivity and multifactor productivity.

The report then looks into the current reforms undertaken in Canada and US to boost productivity in the manufacturing sector and the tangible results. We finally explore the roadmap for the sector to boost productivity and also export competitiveness through upskilling, investments and digital transformation

Cansulta report: "Productivity, Manufacturing, & Exports: A Possible Trinity"

Content Outline

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Manufacturing & Export Ecosystem
    1. Industry Overview
      1. Overall share of manufacturing in the economy
      2. Comparison with other G7 countries
      3. Comparison between Canada and US
      4. Contribution of manufacturing to exports
    2. Macro and micro drivers of growth
      1. Micro trends on where the world is going (refer to the Deloitte report and the OECD report)
      2. Impact of digital transformation
      3. Impact of localization of supply chains
      4. Effects on businesses and customers 
  3. The Productivity Conundrum
    1. Trends in productivity
      1. What do we understand by productivity?
      2. In manufacturing and how it compares with other sectors
      3. What is the impact of falling productivity on manufacturing and the overall economy and then dive into exports?
    2. Diagnostic analysis of productivity in manufacturing
      1. Capital Intensity (Refer to the Cobb Douglas function)
      2. Labour Productivity
      3. Multifactor productivity
    3. Trends in other G7 countries (using the same variables as in Canada)
  4. Current Reforms
    1. Initiatives to improve productivity
  5. The Road Ahead 
    1. Upskilling manufacturing personnel
    2. Encourage domestic and foreign investments
    3. Going long on digital transformation



Business Strategist & Development Consultant

linkedin valentina

IT Project Manager & Business Analyst

Data Sources

  • Statistics Canada
  • OECD
  • World Bank
  • Trademap
  • IMF
  • ISED
  • PwC report on Digital Factory survey
  • Other industry reports


Our report is expected to be published in early July 2024.

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