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Leaders are tasked with propelling their companies forward through business growth and transformation, constantly navigating societal, economic and regulatory changes. 

As you accelerate, you often encounter roadblocks of team tension and chaos. Debates on resource allocation, performance metrics, and operational efficiency can feel like detours, tempting you to stick to the familiar route of the status quo.

Organizations often have micro-organizations each with unique and contrasting approaches, directions, and methods. A lack of clear alignment and direction allows influential leaders to divert focus away from core strategy.

But, there is a better way.

Business 360 is your GPS for Organizational Effectiveness

Offering an accelerated, structured and data-driven approach to get your team aware, aligned and prioritized. Assessments are done with a holistic view and speed to impact mindset.

If you’re in the business slow lane, you might as well be driving in reverse.

With data in the driver’s seat, you can smoothly maneuver through new strategies, transforming change chaos into clarity and confidence. 

Zoom out and go forward with confidence to your desired destination with Cansulta’s new Business 360.

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Core Benefits​

Our Business 360 solution is a unique approach offering the following benefits:


Gain clarity through proven structured and data-driven frameworks.


Experience rapid results: diagnosis, alignment, and impact – in days, not months.


Save time and resources with an agile approach.

Macro View

Achieve a holistic understanding of your team dynamics and organization’s operations.

Shared Vision

Foster management and leadership alignment for future success.


“Quick. Accurate. Fresh. Raw.”

Hear why JOURNEY works and delivers on improving business performance.

Put your business on the right track.

Assessment and Strategy
Made Clear & Easy with Data

Faster Results

Get reports about your business maturity, identity, and change capacity in days.

Better Decisions

Gain invaluable insight into operations & team dynamics with benchmarks.

Improved Teamwork

Foster management and leadership alignment for future success.

Boosted Efficiency

Build actionable, prioritized roadmaps based on your unique goals & gaps.

A Proven & Proprietary Methodology

Business 360 uses the JOURNEY Strategic Platform to help your team make better decisions. The tools deliver powerful, flexible assessments across the enterprise to generate data-driven strategy and execution, delivering bottom-line results.

The methodology guides organizations through 4 phases:

  • Data Analysis

    Software collects comprehensive data through surveys and assessments, giving us a 360-degree view of your team and organization.

  • Strategy

    Our consultants analyze the data to identify relevant strategies and recommendations for your business.

  • Prioritization

    Together, we analyze the data to identify key areas for improvement and prioritize actionable insights.

  • Support

    Equipped with a clear roadmap and strategic recommendations, you're ready to begin planning and implementation.

Business 360 is supported by 3 proprietary assessments: 

Business Identity Index (BII)

Akin to a Myers-Briggs assessment for a business, this is a leadership alignment tool.

It will help you understand the perceptions of the organization from your leaders and management team, and clearly visualizes and communicates the varying (sometimes conflicting or divergent) approaches among decision-makers.

It measures how a business approaches 4 core competencies and enables improved due diligence, hiring/placement, strategic planning, change management, internal conflict, and more within one, fast assessment.

Change Capacity Assessment (CCA)

It’s imperative to know who is stopping, impairing, hindering, supporting or driving change. This assessment measures team members’ risk tolerances and how well (or not) a team is positioned to sustain change. 

Commonly used for strategic planning, change management, M&A, human resources, and DEI initiatives. 

Measure agility and acceleration, remove subjectivity, validate gut feeling, accelerate decision-making, and complement traditional metrics.

Know what your organization can sustain – quickly.

Operational Maturity Inventory (OMI)

Examines 47 different criteria to analyze operational excellence to make informed decisions and streamline processes.

This is a process & operations evaluation that measures where an organization has been, where they currently are, and where they need to go in order to meet growth goals. It clearly exposes areas of imbalance.

Accurately predict outcomes, minimize fatigue, and accelerate better and more strategic decision-making within one facilitated session. 

Discover the entire series.

Business 360

Cansulta 360

Cansulta 360 is the perfect annual set for any team or organization. It includes one execution of each of the Business 360 assessments: 1x Business Identity (BII), 1x Change Capacity (CCA) and 1x Operational Maturity (OMI). It is recommended that organizations complete the series annually.

Business 360

Operational Maturity Assessment (OMA)

Effective business processes are the backbone of your company and can lead to operational efficiency and drive competitive advantage. The OMA helps you gather objective data about your core processes to measure and compare performance year-over-year. It starts with a live ½ day session to evaluate your business with 47...

Business 360

Change Capacity Assessment (CCA)

The Change Capacity Assessment (CCA) evaluates 51 mindsets and beliefs that are critical to successfully implementing and sustaining positive transformation. It provides leaders with a data-driven approach to identify potential obstacles and areas of opportunity toward a successful change strategy. With just a ten-minute organization-wide survey, you’ll receive critical, relevant...

Business 360

Business Identity Index (BII)

The Business Identity Index (BII) captures data on your business’ personality and how it contributes to your operations. With just a five-minute survey, you’ll receive relevant insights to help you make better decisions today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have questions about the Cansulta platform? Head to our platform FAQ page.

Business 360 is a new series of assessments that supports businesses in their strategic planning and change transformation initiatives.

It includes a range of assessments and implementation planning used by organizational leaders to evaluate, measure, and illustrate the current state of a business.

Cansulta offers a comprehensive solution for business transformation, including strategic support on an hourly, task, or project basis, helping businesses manage growth-related changes and disruptions. Business 360 supports new initiatives with assessments and data for you to quickly understand your company’s readiness to take on a new initiative.  Business 360 includes work to determine your leadership team alignment, the extended team’s readiness to take on a new initiative, and a business overview to check for the impact of competing priorities. 

Our efficient assessment process includes three tools.  One to evaluate the alignment of the leadership team, and another which provides an assessment of where there may be competing priorities and how they are impacting the business. The most comprehensive third assessment is a  half-day Operational Maturity Assessment (OMA) led by a Cansulta consultant. We evaluate your business against 47 key principles in Strategy, Implementation, Money, and People. The results, delivered within 2 weeks, provide a current state analysis and actionable recommendations for improvement.

Our services can help your business implement sustained initiatives by rapidly evaluating the alignment of your leadership team and the organization’s preparation for change. By evaluating and measuring the current state of your business, we can help identify areas for improvement and work with you to plan and implement strategies to address them.

Yes, we provide ongoing support during the implementation process. Our Cansulta team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Getting started with us is easy. Simply reach out to us through our Contact page and one of our representatives will get back to you to discuss your needs. You can also book a live Demo to learn more.

Business 360 stands out due to our unique approach to change analytics.  Speed is our key differentiator. We rapidly assess the alignment of the leaders who are responsible for new initiatives, look for competing priorities that may cause a problem, and then check in with the extended team to determine how to best define, implement, and maintain the new initiative.


Business 360 serves a wide range of industries. Our services are designed to help any organization that is looking to implement and maintain sustainable change initiatives.

By partnering with Cansulta to execute Business 360 assessments, you can expect to get a lot more data and information about how to improve efficiency and effectiveness in your business operations. Our services will help you identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to address them.

The timeline for seeing results can vary depending on the specific needs and circumstances of your business.

However, after our initial assessment, a comprehensive Results packet is delivered within 2 weeks. Clients typically start noticing improvements in their business operations within 3-6 months, depending on the complexity of the recommended changes and the pace of implementation.

Absolutely! Business 360 is a digital solution that can be executed globally. We provide our services remotely and ensure that your business receives the support it needs, no matter where you’re located.

Cansulta provides provides ongoing support for Business 360 solutions even after the implementation process. If you have any questions or need assistance, our team is always ready to help.

Business 360 is designed to be highly adaptable and customizable. We understand that every business is unique, and the technology allows us to tailor assessments and plans to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Data security is a top priority. Data is securely stored within the Journey Strategic Platform software, which adheres to all relevant data protection laws and regulations, prioritizing the confidentiality of your information.

Business 360 is priced based on the number of employees/staff or team members within your organization. Our work to analyze the data is directly proportionate related to the size of your organization.

The price of Business 360 solutions is all-inclusive. It includes working with a certified Journey Consultant to access the comprehensive assessment tools and support services, and to leverage the information the tools provided into reports, recommendations, and/or presentations that will bring you a deeper understanding of your organization and strategies for improvement.

No, our pricing at Cansulta for Business 360 is transparent and all-inclusive.

Business 360 is a set of data-driven survey tools that “interview” your leadership team and your extended team to provide information about how your organization is functioning and where challenges and opportunities lie. Our consultants use the data collected to deliver easy-to-understand insights about your organization, supporting the implementation of new initiatives and improvements to ongoing management and operations.

We excel in swiftly assessing and supporting your corporate goals. We offer not only recommendations, but also objective insights backed by measured data. The technology allows us to visually track your organization’s progress, simplifying understanding and communication within your team.

Comprehensive support is available to all our clients. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have about our services and to assist you in implementing and maintaining your change initiatives, and the Journey Strategic Platform team is available to support any technical issues.

Discover the importance of strategic alignment in leadership, change and risk management, and operational effectiveness through corporate governance measured through KPIs and data analytics.

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