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Business Identity Index (BII)

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The Business Identity Index (BII) captures data on your business’ personality and how it contributes to your operations. With just a five-minute survey, you’ll receive relevant insights to help you make better decisions today.

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Develop an intimate understanding of your business. The Business Identity Index (BII) is a comprehensive report that gives you relevant insights specific to your business.  

There are 16 different business profiles; find out which type best describes yours. This 12-question survey will unlock important insights about your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, reveal misalignments in your operations, behaviors, and culture, and outline changes needed to make your business even more successful.

Once you’ve completed the BII, you’ll meet with your consultant to review your custom report.

So what? Why does this matter to you?
Using qualified data science:

  1. Unlock the ability to implement strategies with company behaviors in mind.
  2. Reduce ambiguity and take action with confidence. 
  3. Access a playbook for how to remove blind spots. 

Every business has blind spots; it’s a matter of finding them in time.

Perspectives, Not Personalities

The BII is a typology tool that uses 16 Business Types to identify core qualities that influence decision making, compare the perspectives of multiple leaders, and eliminate misalignment.

  • Achieve Alignment
  • Reduce Conflict in the C-Suite
  • Identify Your Strategic North Star

Different personalities, with varying strengths, are good for a business. Different perspectives on the business’ core identity – why it exists and what it should do – can be challenges that keep it from succeeding. ​The BII exposes these perspectives in a clear and concise framework.

Use Cases:

  • Pre-Strategic Planning & Vision Casting
  • Business Profiling (M&A Pipeline, Prospecting)
  • Team Building & Remediation

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