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Easy & affordable support & solutions from vetted business experts.

10X your business
with our products & services.
10X your business with our products & services.
Get support from vetted consultants & experts. 
Get support from vetted
consultants & experts. 

Our trusted, experienced consultants have helped companies including:

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Working together is easy.

Meet and collaborate in secure meeting rooms and manage all contracts and billings through our full-service platform.

We handle the logistics and admin.
You focus on what matters.

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All the help you need, under one digital roof.

Our specialized business experts span finance, marketing, technology, HR and more. Filter by industry to find the perfect support for every project.

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On Cansulta, find experts with years of experience who can support your business challenge or opportunity.

Book an Intro with any consultant. Join the meeting virtually and together, explore how they can best work with you to achieve your goals.

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How It Works

Cansulta helps business leaders across the globe manage the change and disruption that comes with growth, all without the cost or time-consuming processes of a large consultancy.

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Search from our homepage, browse our Consultants page, or talk to our Concierge to find the right support for your needs.

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Explore each expert’s skills and expertise on their profile page, then book live video Intros with as many experts as you like!

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Get down to work

Book full in-depth consultations by the hour, or purchase hands-on support in pre-built packages or custom-built solutions.

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Success Stories

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patrick valoppi 150
I was immediately drawn to Lisa’s ability to creatively solve complex problems. Lisa looks at the world differently in the best way possible; when most zig, Lisa zags. Lisa doesn’t believe in “you’s” or “I’s”, she believes in “we’s” and does everything in her power to make sure each team member feels valued and their contributions are recognized. Even during our hectic schedules, I could always count on Lisa to take initiative and come in clutch. She is the definition of a “no look pass”. I cannot express how much I enjoyed working with Lisa and can’t recommend her enough!

Patrick Valoppi

Founder, Valoppi Ventures

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John helped us see the bigger picture around what our business really did. He helped us bring several separate services together under one unique and powerful solution and made selling our combined services much easier. More than that: he helped our employees embrace their role in our shared mission, and has dramatically changed how investors look at our business!

Frank Buonpensiero

Director, EIO Solutions

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KevinLin 150
It was a fantastic experience working with my consultant. She suggested fresh ideas that had a meaningful impact on the U+ team and business, and really drove the growth of the organization. Her strong research and analytical expertise are rivalled only by her great personality, which makes working with her a pleasure. I give my strongest recommendation!

Kevin Lin

Director, U+ Education

Uplus Education

The Cansulta Difference

Avoid overwhelming search results and companies that don’t return your call.
Vetted experts
Only 20% of consultant applicants get approved to our platform; we only choose experts who can help our clients find a competitive advantage.
Intro meetings
Mutual-match is imperative, so we encourage businesses to meet with as many experts as needed.


Easy scheduling
Automated processes make booking future meetings a piece of cake.
We help our clients maximize their value because we only charge for business advisory services—not company overhead.
All-in-one platform
No third-party video apps, manual contracts, or e-transfers—everything you need happens on Cansulta.
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Real people, ready to help!

We've made it easy to meet and collaborate, virtually.

Our top-tier independent consultants come from...

Looking for a tailored solution?

With services ranging from strategy to human resources, finance, and marketing, our business consultants help your company stay ahead of any challenge on the horizon.

Whether you want to find a process improvement strategy to overhaul operations or implement stronger internal controls to reduce financial risks, our consultants prepare custom offers and scopes of work that are unique to the needs of your business.
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Liz Harrison

Financial Consultant

Liz is a Management Accountant turning data into knowledge, with over 25 years of experience working with business partners from multinationals to startups.

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Learn more about topics that matter to you from our very own experts.

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