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Our mission: to bring the magic 🪄 of world-class consulting to every business, no matter its size or scale.

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Why Hire Us?

Consultants are a startup’s cheat code! Here’s how they can help you unlock success:

  • Fresh New Perspective

    Hire for an unbiased, third-party, objective point of view of your business.

  • Wealth of Experience

    Save on salary costs and hire seasoned experts, just when you need them.

  • Bridge the Skills Gap

    Outsource specialized skill sets to keep you moving forward while other core team members focus on their core responsibilities.

  • Provide Dedicated Support

    Cut the fluffy, theoretical, or academic wisdom and get actionable advice and support for your unique business.

  • Offer Industry Expertise

    Get ahead with insider know-how. We illuminate the twists and turns of business ownership, guiding you through the hidden bends of the entrepreneurial road.

No matter your product or industry, seasoned support and advice is crucial to your success.

Cansulta can help with expert Startup advisory services.

Founders and entrepreneurs know that managing competing priorities while pushing to get to market can be challenging. From building your business model to developing marketing strategy to boosting customer acquisition to performing market research, all new ventures will eventually be faced with issues that require expert care and attention.

Leverage our consulting services to keep your Startup venture on the right track by asking the right questions, improving your business plan and focusing on the right priorities in order to achieve the most important goals. 

No matter your business idea or stage, Cansulta can create solutions to help early companies grow.

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How Can We Support?

Startup consultants grow new businesses and assist founders and entrepreneurs in a company’s early stages.

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  • Market, Industry and Competitive Analysis

    Understand the world you are stepping into and how to thrive

  • Business Strategy

    Outline your short term vs long term goals and make a plan to achieve them

  • Marketing Strategy

    Build your brand to demand engine to fuel your startup’s growth

  • Financing and Fundraising

    Know your funding options and pick the right strategy to best manage your cash flow

  • Build the Right Team

    Find the right employees at the right time

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