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Project Management Office (PMO) Assessment or Development


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Our Project Management Office (PMO) Assessment and Development service is designed to evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of your organization's project management practices. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current PMO, if existing, or work with you to develop a new PMO structure from scratch. Our experienced team will assess your PMO's performance against industry best practices, identify areas for improvement, and develop a roadmap for enhancement. Whether you're looking to establish a new PMO or optimize an existing one, our service will help you achieve higher project success rates, improved resource utilization, and greater overall efficiency in project delivery.

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The Project Management Office (PMO) Assessment and Development service will involve evaluating the current state of the PMO (if existing) or developing a new PMO structure. This includes assessing the PMO’s performance against industry best practices, identifying areas for improvement, and developing a roadmap for enhancement.


  • Assessment report outlining the current state of the PMO and areas for improvement.
  • Roadmap for PMO enhancement, including recommendations for organizational structure, processes, tools, and governance.
  • Implementation plan for executing the roadmap, including timelines and resource requirements.

The duration of the project will vary based on the complexity of the PMO and the scope of work. A typical timeline could range from 2 months to 5 months.


  • The organization is committed to improving its project management practices and is willing to allocate resources to support the PMO assessment and development.
  • Key stakeholders and decision-makers will be available to provide input and feedback throughout the project.
  • The organization has access to relevant data and information needed for the assessment and development of the PMO.
  • The organization is open to change and willing to implement the recommendations outlined in the assessment report and roadmap.


  • Starting at $14,999.00 USD excluding tax depending on the scope and timeline of the implementation
  • The client may engage the consultant at an hourly rate of $225 USD until the scope and fixed pricing are finalized. Subsequently, both parties can transition to a mutually agreed-upon fixed pricing model.
  • $225/ hr USD for any additional follow-up meetings after the assignment is completed

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