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Our mission: to bring the magic of world-class consulting to every business.

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A thriving business is built on a hundred good decisions—tough decisions that often demand an expert’s insight. 

So, when access to expertise is either too expensive or hard to find, business leaders face challenges alone, make mistakes, and miss opportunities.

We believe everyone deserves access to the expert support needed to make optimal business decisions—no matter how small or niche the challenge.

What We Do

We make it possible to find a pre-vetted expert in minutes and book affordable consultations as short as one hour, so clients never have to face a problem alone.

Instead, clients are empowered to build their own team of on-hand advisors at a fraction of the cost or delay of a big consultancy!

We make finding and working with an expert a breeze, while also giving independent consultants an easy-to-use platform that handles the admin so they can focus on using their expertise to help clients.

Our Vision

We ensure that no company is left behind because of its size.

Small and medium-sized businesses pour untold billions into the global economy, and yet many cannot afford the consultancies that help bigger companies grow and scale. It makes no sense, and it’s not fair.

Cansulta was created to support the ambitions of entrepreneurial and innovative companies by connecting them with a trusted network of vetted consultants ready to provide the specialized advice and support they need, when they need it.

By connecting clients to vetted consultants with expertise across industries, regions, and knowledge areas (such as marketing, finance, technology, and HR), Cansulta is creating a new standard and ensuring that no company misses out on the benefits of world-class consulting. 

On Cansulta, every business can now access game-changing consultancy.

Our Origin Story

As an MBA, management consultant, and people person, Alex was being tapped for advice from clients, potential clients and acquaintances on a regular basis. 

Charging for an hour or two of her time, which would involve crafting a proposal, writing a contract, invoicing and collecting, was more trouble than it was worth. It seemed easier to just give her advice away for free – a practice that intensified during COVID-19, when many sought her counsel on new business ideas, career pivots, and moving their enterprises online.

As her calendar filled, Alex had to make difficult decisions about who to help and when; she was disappointed to be unable to collaborate on so many innovative ideas and projects. If only there was a way to minimize the administrative burdens of consulting so that she could focus on doing what she does best and loves most: sharing her expertise and transforming businesses!

And so, Cansulta was created to make it easier and more affordable than ever for seasoned consultants to help clients by filling gaps in internal teams and optimizing every aspect of an organization.

Want to learn more about our story?

Check out our Media Room with news & announcements, press releases, and awards coverage.

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Cansulta’s Founder & CEO
Alexandra Kapelos-Peters
BA (McGill), MBA (Illinois), MScIE (HEC Paris)

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