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To celebrate the launch of our new VIP Client Membership, new members who register in August 2022 will also receive FREE Business Personality Profile (USD $50 value.)

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Pay for Expert Support–Not Overhead

Cansulta’s platform streamlines client-consultant collaboration. 

Without tedious admin work, consultants avoid minimum billings, meaning it’s often cheaper to work with them on Cansulta than to contact them directly! 

And if you need help finding support, our Concierge is available completely free of charge for members.

Discover how John changed EIO's messaging—and their business!

Success Stories

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"John helped us see the bigger picture around what our business really did. He helped us bring several separate services together under one unique and powerful solution and made selling our combined services much easier. More than that: he helped our employees embrace their role in our shared mission, and has dramatically changed how investors look at our business!"
Frank Buonpensiero
Director, EIO Solutions
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I was immediately drawn to Lisa’s ability to creatively solve complex problems. Lisa looks at the world differently in the best way possible; when most zig, Lisa zags. Lisa doesn’t believe in “you’s” or “I’s”, she believes in “we’s” and does everything in her power to make sure each team member feels valued and their contributions are recognized. Even during our hectic schedules, I could always count on Lisa to take initiative and come in clutch. She is the definition of a “no look pass”. I cannot express how much I enjoyed working with Lisa and can’t recommend her enough!

Patrick Valoppi

Founder, Valoppi Ventures

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Our consultants have already helped companies including:

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