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Capturing Your Value! Brand Messaging is an essential process for business growth.


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A customized Branding, Market Positioning and Messaging Strategy from an expert who has assisted over 25 companies and universities with this process vital for success. For Marketing, Sales and Website Development to be effective, you need a branding strategy synced with a corporate fact sheet capturing your value to the world and guiding your next steps.

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Would you begin a journey without a map or your GPS?

In a journey as a brand, you must know what market sector you are in, your target audiences, benefits you will deliver and how you are different from competitors.

This is a highly strategic process that pays off in spades as it guides every interaction in marketing & sales, aligns the team to “sing on the same note,” informs every page of website or blog content and prepares reporters to write about your brand.


  • After reviewing the Brand and Messaging documents in place, we will set the fee for the project between $3,000-$5,000


  • Elevator Pitch, Company Boiler Plate, Corporate Fact Sheet

TIMING: Typically completed over 3 mo. period and requires input from


  • Client is willing to invest time into the process.

PRICE: STARTING FROM $3,000-$5,000 USD (depending on current fact sheet and messaging documents)

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