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are cryptocurrencies currency or asset sqaure

Are Cryptocurrencies Currency or Asset?

Bitcoin has been leading a silent revolution against the legacy financial system with the promise of giving people more control over their money. Are they currency or digital assets?...
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Category: Featured, Finance, Innovation, Strategy, Technology
Sean Danchuk 5 Keys to Designing

5 Keys to Designing a Presentation… people will actually want to watch!

Presentations are a big part of what we need to do to keep our teams aligned and communicate the value of our products and services. Some people seem like naturals, while the rest of us struggle to create or deliver presentations that keep anyone’s attention. Sometimes we dread them. Don’t worry, we have...
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Category: Advice, Comms & PR, Innovation, Strategy, Tips
Tech Tip Square

Tech Tips for Small Businesses

Technology has the potential to transform a business--from streamlining operations and increasing efficiencies, to providing that much-needed competitive edge. Here are four simple tips to put technology to work for your business--without getting swept away by it!...
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Category: Advice, Innovation, Resources, Technology, Tips
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