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Tech Tips for Small Businesses
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Technology has the potential to transform a business–from streamlining operations and increasing efficiencies, to providing that much-needed competitive edge. But keeping up with evolving technologies can overwhelm any business owner!

Let’s simplify things. Here are four simple tips to put technology to work for your business–without getting swept away by it!

1: Have a strategy.

Establishing a strategy for your technology as well as actionable goals can go a long way. Ensuring that you’re clear about what you want from your online presence will make the process of creating the online presence much easier, and it will also inform the tools and technology that you will be using.

2: Create a digital roadmap.

A digital roadmap is a way to plan the priorities and systems you need in place for a project, and can help you to improve the organization of your thoughts and time. Combined with a timeline, a digital roadmap will help you reach your goals by clearly defining the path towards them..

3: Stay on top of security.

This is a very important and seemingly-obvious point, but staying on top of your tech security may not always be top of mind. Creating a security policy can be tedious at times, but it’s worth it to avoid costly pitfalls. 

4: Consider storing data in the cloud.

To keep costs lower, and to ensure that nothing is ever lost, storing your data and documents in a cloud-based server may be appropriate. Though you may have to switch providers if you become a bigger enterprise, storing data in the cloud is an easy and affordable way to manage all your data.

Technology—though more manageable through these four tips—can still be a complex part of your business, and sometimes, it helps to call in an expert.

Technology consultants can help you to optimize your business by selecting and implementing the best tools and strategies for it. If you’d like to learn more about how a technology consultant can help your business, visit to browse our roster of vetted Technology experts and book a free introductory meeting in minutes!

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