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Navigating the Bright Shiny Objects of Marketing
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Depending upon your marketing strategy, you might lead with the products or services you sell, rather than the problems you solve
and value you bring.

I LOVE hearing about the WHY and passion of service and relationship-based business owners.  You are excited to empower, support, educate, engage (and a host of other powerful action words) as you bring value to the individuals, families, businesses, teams, communities, and stakeholders you serve.  You are consultative, rather than transactional, in your practice as you listen to and understand the needs of your potential clients to make recommendations for next steps.     

I am FRUSTRATED when I see entrepreneurs, business owners, commissioned professionals, direct sales, and network marketers, who are great at their craft and specialty, struggle to figure out all the business stuff like strategy, marketing, sales, and time.  Today we are bombarded, interrupted, and distracted by the bright shiny objects of marketing.  While the variety of recommended marketing strategies are appropriate, sometimes there is a disconnect between your overall business strategy, the marketing tool, and your sales process.  Way too often, business owners leave opportunity and dollars on the table by becoming too transactional and less consultative to sell their products and programs. 

So I CREATE customized Success Processes to develop a strategy and competitive edge that drives marketing and sales success in a 5-step interactive buying/selling process. Depending upon your marketing strategy, you might lead with the products or services you sell (transactional – buy my XYZ program!), rather than the problems you solve and value you bring (consultative – get XYZ results today!).  How would you like to provide the opportunity for your customers to buy and clients to engage?  We LOVE to BUY, but we don’t like to be SOLD!  (And guess what that means, you don’t have to be a slimy salesperson!)     

What if you could invest your time and energy by working “IN” your business that you LOVE, while being empowered to work “ON” your business by solving problems and bringing value?  If you’d like to “transform your transactions” into “consultative consistency”, schedule a time to chat with me today.

Ready to revolutionize your business strategy? Let’s craft a customized Success Process that puts your goals at the forefront. Say goodbye to pushy sales tactics and hello to meaningful engagement. Take the leap towards empowered business growth today!

Being Consultative is COOL!

Being Transactional is TROUBLE!

Earn $$$ with your EXPERTISE!

Lisa works with organizations to help build dynamic management and sales teams with a focus on efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity to save you time, energy, and dollars.
Connect with Lisa today to maximize individual, team and organizational potential.

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