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are cryptocurrencies currency or asset sqaure

Are Cryptocurrencies Currency or Asset?

Bitcoin has been leading a silent revolution against the legacy financial system with the promise of giving people more control over their money. Are they currency or digital assets?...
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Category: Featured, Finance, Innovation, Strategy, Technology
5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Financial Model sqaure

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Financial Model

A financial model is a representation of the company’s future performance. Use projections, assumptions and formulas to build a business model that calculates how your company will grow. A properly built model can help you communicate with lenders, investors and other stakeholders. This article will explain...
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Category: Advice, Finance, Planning, Resources, Small Business, Strategy, Tips
July 12, 2022
The Top 5 Financial Mistakes Small Businesses Make square

The Top 5 Financial Mistakes Small Businesses Make (And How To Avoid Them)

A business built on a strong foundation is necessary to sustain long term success. Part of a good foundation always includes finances, and successful small businesses always keep cash flow in the back of their mind. Here are our top 5 financial mistakes to avoid when you manage a small business....
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Category: Finance, Small Business, Tips
May 3, 2022
ConductingBusiness square

Conducting Business Online Effectively and Efficiently in 2022 using Technology and Expertise

We live in a day and age where the internet and business go hand in hand more than ever. Business practices are now so intertwined with online tools, softwares, and platforms that it’s hard to imagine running a business without them. In this article, you will discover a better way to implement online busine...
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Category: Advice, Finance, Marketing, People & HR, Small Business, Technology, Tips
February 3, 2022
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