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Cansulta Launches Canpus, an Innovative Online Consulting Education Platform
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Alexandra announces Cansulta Canpus and C3 Program
Watch Alexandra’s video announcement about Canpus and C3 Program

Toronto, Canada — Cansulta, a leading e-consulting marketplace, is proud to announce the launch of Canpus, a groundbreaking online education platform designed to train the next generation of world-class consultants. The platform’s inaugural offering, the C3 Program, is set to begin its first cohort in July 2024.

Canpus emerges as a strategic extension of Cansulta’s mission to transform the consulting industry. Known for its rigorous 5-step vetting process, Cansulta has built a reputation for providing clients with access to only the most seasoned and proven experts. In its four years of operation, Cansulta has vetted thousands of applicants, uncovering a critical insight: while many subject matter experts possess exceptional technical and business acumen, they often struggle with the business side of consulting.

“Most of our applicants cite two main challenges: the administrative burdens of contracting and finance, and the pressures of sales and marketing,” explains Alexandra Kapelos-Peters, Founder & CEO of Cansulta. “They want to focus on their expertise and delivering value to clients without the distractions of running a business.”

To address these challenges, Canpus introduces the C3 Program, a comprehensive 9-module course meticulously designed to equip subject matter experts, and technical and business experts–such as Finance, Marketing, IT and HR professionals–with the business skills necessary to start and grow a successful consulting practice. The program combines pre-recorded, instructor-led videos with practical exercises, a learner workbook, and weekly live group coaching sessions.

Key features of the C3 Program include:

  • Stable Income: Strategies to secure clients consistently.
  • Streamlined Operations: Mastery of essential business tasks like marketing and accounting.
  • Client Acquisition: Frameworks to effectively acquire and retain high-quality clients.
  • Confidence & Clarity: Techniques for overcoming self-doubt and gaining clarity on business goals.

The program is crafted by three experienced consultants who bring decades of real-world expertise, ensuring that participants receive both theoretical knowledge and practical applications.

“Launching Canpus is a natural next step in our growth. By helping more professionals become great consultants, we aim to revolutionize the consulting landscape and empower a new generation of experts,” adds Kapelos-Peters. “We envision Canpus as the premier destination for consulting training, combining the best aspects of online and offline learning.”

The first cohort of the C3 Program begins in July and will run for nine weeks. To celebrate the launch, Cansulta offers an Early Learner promotion with a 50% discount for the first 10 learners who sign up.

For more information about Canpus and the C3 Program, please visit

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