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New Strategic Partnership with C-Suite IMPACT family of companies
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Cansulta, an online consulting platform that connects SMEs with 150+ vetted, senior-level consultants, is thrilled to announce our partnership with the C-Suite IMPACT group of families as of February 2024.

From the first time meeting with Alex of Cansulta, we both knew that we wanted to do business together. Good partnerships start with values, and we’re very much in alignment with leadership values. With Cansulta, we will go crush it with them.

David Wolfskehl, CEO and Founding Partner, C-Suite IMPACT

C-Suite IMPACT specializes in helping business owners succeed by connecting them with 40+ executive-level advisors across the United States.

Discover, meet and contact some of C-Suite IMPACT experienced advisors on the Cansulta platform today:

  • Cristine O’Keefe, Senior Managing Director, IMPACT Strategic Funding
  • Barry Jackson, CEO & President at IMPACT Legal Resources
  • Doron Abrahami, CEO & Founder, IMPACT Business Builders
  • Pete Caltabiano, Founder, C-Suite IMPACT CFOs
  • Marcus Stallings, Managing Director, Mergers & Acquisitions, C-Suite IMPACT Deal Makers
  • Jeffrey Brenner, Senior Managing Director, C-Suite IMPACT Deal Makers (coming soon)
C-Suite IMPACT strategic partnership announcement

This strategic alignment between C-Suite IMPACT and Cansulta marks a significant milestone for our companies. Together, we offer a comprehensive suite of consulting and advisory services, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our partners and clients.

I’m delighted with our partnership with Cansulta.
Both of our companies leverage a business model based on a roster of highly talented consultants and advisors, and we are fully aligned in our values and vision. Our people-first ecosystem with a focus on credibility and reliability builds a strong foundation for the success of clients and partners alike.
I look forward to what the future will bring.

Clifford Gibson, Director of Strategic Partnerships, C-Suite IMPACT

A complementary service, Cansulta offers expertise across industries, regions and specialities — including marketing, finance, technology and HR. Consultants, who each receive a profile page to showcase their work and experience and even sell their own digital content, can be booked by the hour or by the project to provide advice, strategies, planning and hands-on support.

Cansulta chose to partner with the C-Suite IMPACT group to enhance our capabilities and access to highly-experienced, C-level professional advisors in key areas such as M&A, fractional CFOs, strategic funding, off-shoring, legal resources, and business building.

This partnership marks the dawn of extraordinary integration and collaboration between two like-minded organizations and networks. It’s a true synergy where Cansulta’s diverse and experienced consultants intertwine with the seasoned executive teams of C-Suite IMPACT, creating a powerhouse of expertise and innovation. Together, we’re redefining the equation of success, where 1+1 equals 3, delivering unparalleled value to clients by blending hands-on guidance with top-tier strategic leadership.

Alexandra Kapelos-Peters, Founder and CEO, Cansulta

Cansulta and C-Suite IMPACT work harmoniously to make hiring an advisor, executive, or consultant easier, faster, and more cost-effective. Together, they allow organizations of any size to connect with top-tier business consultants who are passionate about helping business owners and leaders succeed. 

Through this partnership, small businesses and large enterprises alike can collaborate with both firms to take their companies to the next level.

The C-Suite IMPACT group of companies includes:

IMPACT Strategic Funding

We focus on providing debt solutions for middle market business owners. Utilizing our strong relationships in the traditional and non-traditional debt and capital markets we work to find the right solution for the current needs of the organization. Sometimes we work in phases by bringing a short term bridge to prepare for a long term solution. We support the entire process from introductions to closing and funding. We are in it with you!

Managing Members: Cristine O’Keefe, Parker Laville, Jeffrey Kraft

C-Suite IMPACT Deal Makers

This is a team of highly accomplished transactional experts, providing top-tier sell-side and buy-side M&A advisory services to our firm’s clients. They are widely experienced at executing various deal structures, including asset or stock sales, majority / minority recapitalizations, equity capital raises and portfolio acquisitions or divestitures. With their deep functional expertise, this team has a proven track record of success at executing growth initiatives for clients across multiple industries. Managing Members: Jeffrey Brenner and Marcus Stallings


Many organizations find that a full-time CFO isn’t necessary, and instead, they turn to our seasoned experts who swiftly navigate financial challenges. Our professionals provide invaluable insights, strategic guidance, and empower your accounting team for day-to-day efficiency. We’re firm believers in the power of financial data to tell a compelling story. Our exceptional fractional CFOs are your financial narrative maestros, unearthing opportunities for growth and improvement that can transform your business.

Managing Member: Pete Caltabiano

IMPACT Business Builders

Many business owners get frustrated when company growth stalls. Others feel anxious as fast growth leads to chaos and mounting risk. Don’t let demands on your time, attention, and cashflow keep you up at night. Using proven processes, best practices, and data-driven tools, we help business owners build a more valuable and more profitable business – giving them the freedom they deserve.

Managing Member: Doron Abrahami

IMPACT Legal Resources provides Law Firm Administration Consulting and Legal Recruiting services for Attorneys and Legal Staff.  We are your partner throughout all stages of your firm’s lifecycle helping you on the path to success. The focus is on three core areas: Growth, Performance, and Succession. These areas are addressed by recruitment services, back-office management, performance analysis, and end of firm support and more. Managing Member: Barry Jackson

Learn more about the C-Suite IMPACT family of companies at

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