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Empowering Experts & Optimizing Businesses: Introducing Cansulta’s Raison d’être (Reason for Being)
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In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were looking for counsel on new business ideas, career pivots, and moving their enterprises online. Cansulta’s founder, Alex Kapelos-Peters, worked with a handful of small business clients as an independent consultant.  She noticed the same issue again and again: clients needed immediate executive-level help and often did not have the right expertise within their organization. Engaging agencies or large firms was often cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses or small projects, and while independent consultants were available, they struggled to remain profitable when taking on smaller jobs (due to time spent on proposals, contracts, invoicing, and collecting).

Alex was determined to find a solution to this seemingly never-ending problem, and with that came the birth of Cansulta. A platform that not only is more affordable than large consultancies but makes it easier for business leaders to connect online with knowledgeable independent consultants. In just a short period of time Cansulta has been able to expand its reach globally in many areas of specialization.

All the help you need, under one digital roof.

With Cansulta, anyone can sign up for free in seconds and start building their team of on-hand advisors at a fraction of the cost or delay of a big consultancy.

Cansulta makes finding an expert a breeze with our hands-free match-making, while also giving independent consultants an easy-to-use platform that handles the admin so they can focus on using their expertise to help clients.

With the help of AI, automation, virtual assistants, remote meeting software, and modern e-commerce technology. consultants can now work with businesses of every size, anywhere, at any time. With remote work on the rise, meeting, brainstorming, planning, collaborating, and working together is easier than ever.

Tailored service, at a fraction of the cost.

Business leaders are able to save big by only having to pay for the services they need. Leaders can pay either by the hour or by the project instead of having to pay a sometimes hefty overhead which can be the biggest expense in a business. Once the free sign-up with Cansulta is completed our concierge service will be there to access a client’s specific needs.

On Cansulta, we realize trying to find the perfect consultant for a project might not be love at first sight which is why all introductory calls with our consultants will be free of charge. So if the first consult is not quite the right match you will have the freedom to explore our global roster of experts, as many as you like at no additional cost, this is one of the key benefits of working with Cansulta, pay for you what you like, and not for what you don’t.

Expertise of knowledge, from anywhere in the world.

Sometimes in business, it seems as though when one problem is resolved like clockwork, another one arises bringing new challenges and barriers to breakthrough. Cansulta allows you to filter by industry and specialization spanning finance, marketing, technology, HR, and more to find the perfect support globally and in an array of languages. So when a company’s yearly budget could use a fresh set of eyes one month and the next month needing a strategy for a marketing campaign, rest assured that there will always be a qualified consultant readily available.

Vetted, A-level talent, one click away.

Cansulta has one of the strictest application processes out there. The 5-step application process means that every consultant on the platform has been through interviews, testing, reference checks, and evidence of expertise. You won’t find that level of vetting on other online freelance sites.

Instead of scrolling through endless pages of Google search results or scouring LinkedIn for a trustworthy 2nd or 3rd-degree connection, business leaders can get help by simply logging into Cansulta and searching for the expert they need. Anyone can message for free, book introductory meetings and figure out how the consultant can help. You only pay for what you need and this is agreed to before working together so that there are no surprises. 

It is so simple! Cansulta brings the immediacy, transparency, and ease of e-commerce to the proven model of working with consultants to get important, strategic work and planning done.

“It was a fantastic experience working with my consultant. She suggested fresh ideas that had a meaningful impact on the U+ team and business…”

Kevin Lin, Director, U+ Education

Your experts, when you need them.

One of the most priceless resources in life as well as business is time. Cansulta is no stranger to the challenges businesses face. When starting a new project or expanding your business, time is of the essence; small oversights and careless mistakes can not only take away time from your goal but can also be very costly and damaging. 

On Cansulta, we provide more confidence of expertise with our consultants than other expert or outsourcing platforms. A vetted consultant through Cansulta can ensure your important tasks, work, and projects are managed efficiently and executed with thought and care.

On Cansulta:

  • Instead of spreading themselves thin, business leaders can outsource tasks to focus more on what they do best
  • Instead of paying for the overhead of traditional consultancies, clients pay only for real insights, work, products, and services delivered
  • Instead of relying on one or two full-time generalists, clients can build a team of advisors on an as-needed basis

So, what are you waiting for? Register for free to see what Cansulta can do for you to reach your full potential.

If you’re already registered, take advantage of booking FREE Introductory meetings with any consultant to talk about your unique needs and see how they can help.

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