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Introducing Cansulta™
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Why should only the biggest businesses access the biggest brains?
Cansulta is here to change the world for small businesses.

TORONTO, August 20, 2021: AKP Solutions is proud to introduce Cansulta™, a new virtual consulting platform that’s changing the landscape for entrepreneurial leaders.

Small businesses pour billions into the global economy, and yet many cannot access or afford the consultancies that help bigger companies grow and scale. It makes no sense, and it’s not fair.

Consulting (and consulting firms) can be intimidating, slow, and obscenely expensive, making them seem like an inaccessible luxury to small businesses. On the flip side: independent consultants often feel that working with small clients isn’t worth the tedium of creating proposals, contracts, and invoices. Cansulta wants to change that narrative. It’s rewriting the book on consulting by offering affordable professional consulting services to businesses of any size. 

“Meeting with a consultant should be the best part of your day.”

Alexandra Kapelos-Peters, Founder

By connecting clients to vetted consultants with expertise across industries, regions, and knowledge areas (such as marketing, finance, technology, and HR), Cansulta is creating a new standard and ensuring that no business is too small to benefit from world-class consulting, and minimum billings don’t interfere with game-changing support. 

Alexandra Kapelos-Peters, Cansulta Founder

“As a small business owner, I have often been frustrated by the significant time and cost required to hire large, established firms, and equally frustrated by having to rely on my professional networks to find reliable, experienced, affordable experts to guide me through unexpected business challenges and opportunities.

And as a consultant, I found myself giving out free advice around the clock! I wanted to help other entrepreneurs but was burdened by administrative work and hated the pressure of selling myself and my services. I really just wanted to get good work done, effectively and efficiently: simple!” said Alexandra Kapelos-Peters, Founder and Principal Cansultant.

Cansulta is a global platform changing the traditional models of consulting by going virtual, providing entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups simple, seamless, and affordable access to a diverse selection of experienced, independent consultants. 

Cansulta also relieves independent consultants of the pressure to constantly pitch themselves, so they can focus solely on providing great service, strategy, and guidance to clients. It then saves them time by automating and simplifying many of the administrative headaches involved. 

Cansulta aims to improve the decision-making of business leaders everywhere and ensure more small businesses reach their full potential. So, whether you’re a consultant with expertise to share, or a business leader in need of support: join us on the platform today! 

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About cansulta

Cansulta is an e-consulting platform that connects entrepreneurial business leaders with world-class consultants in many business areas including finance, HR, technology, marketing, and strategy.

Cansulta supports the ambitions of small and medium enterprises by providing access to vetted, world-class consultants ready to provide the specialized advice that clients need, when they need it.

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