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British Columbia, Canada
Time Zone
Pacific (PST)

Bachelor of Commerce – Marketing Management  (B Com), Corporate Social Innovation Certificate, Tony Robbins Business Mastery (5 Day MBA)

Business Strategy, Leadership, Sales & eCommerce

My passion and experience sits in the intersection of business development (sales, marketing, growth) and impact (social and environmental). I love helping companies grow to benefit all stakeholders. Leveraging traditional practices and non-traditional ways of thinking to create a competitive advantage.

Notable Career History

  • Consultant turned Director of Business Development,, 6 years


Education & Professional Development

  • Bachelor of Commerce – Marketing Management  (University of Guelph)
  • Corporate Social Innovation Certificate (Babson College)
  • Tony Robbins Business Mastery (5 Day MBA)


Lauren has incredible communication skills and truly makes you feel like you are in the best of hands to achieve your goals.  She is a go getter and is extremely organized, ensuring that her clients (including me!) are well cared for.  She has a deep knowledge in ESG and in creating engagement programs to help push companies and their customers towards their goals. –Andrea Chase


Lauren Duffield is one of those team members that was paramount to our success. Her ability to adapt while we pivoted to our true value proposition while continuing to build consensus on strategies for both sales and marketing were a significant advantage. She routinely demonstrated outside-the-box thinking coupled with a fearlessness I have rarely encountered. She built unique client partnerships that allowed us to show value to multiple industry leaders simultaneously in initiatives that we present as use cases for what our potential is here at Xocial. Her ability to manage and grow relationships coupled with a communication strategy that resonates has resulted in long-term and dynamic client partnerships.


To say Lauren could contribute to the growth strategy and membership value offering of an organization, let alone one that has an impact focus, would be an understatement. She also was responsible for our B Corp accreditation initiative. – Colin Duetta

  • Business Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Pursuing new market opportunities
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Brand
  • Brand Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Business coaching
  • Sales & eCommerce
  • Sales strategy
  • B2B Sales

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