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Find out how your business can save money from tax credits and other tax incentives, in particular from the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) program. Book or message me for free to discuss how we can help.

Alex works at one of our partners.
Leyton experts help businesses to maximize the financial benefit they receive from R&D Tax Credits, Reverse Sales & Use Tax Audits, Employee Retention Credits, and other tax incentives.

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English, French
New York, USA
United States
Time Zone
Eastern (EST)
  • Master in Management (Marketing and Entrepreneurship)
  • Bachelor, Administration & Management



Hi, I’m Alex!

I lead a team at Leyton to help businesses of all sizes claim back R&D tax credits, grants/incentives, Indirect Taxes, Property Taxes in both Canada and US.

I’m currently focused on helping US-based businesses take advantage of the new Employee Retention Credit (ERC) program created under the CARES Act, providing a substantial potential tax credit for employers who were impacted by COVID-19. 

If your business has more than 30 W2 employees and had more than a 20% decline in receipts, you could be eligible to receive up to $7,000 per W2 employee per quarter. Your business could be eligible to get tens or 000s of thousands of dollars back, no strings attached!

We work on a success fee basis with no retainer. In Q3 and Q4 2021 alone, we were entrusted by more than 500+ clients, and in 2022 more than 200 clients per month!


For more information connect with me here on Cansulta or send me an email at 

Be sure to mention CANSULTA to benefit from a significant discount on our success fees!

At Leyton, Alex:

  • Manages partnerships with various ecosystems, federations and associations 
  • In charge of connecting Leyton clients with the rights resources and funding across the Leyton network in North America and Europe to help them grow, innovate and simply stay in business

Career History

  • Leyton
    • Head of Growth and Partnerships
    • Business Development Manager – Lead, Sales Team
  • 10+ years consultative and mandate management in IT in Europe, North America and Asia

  • Helped a construction company in Tennessee with 60+ W2 employees recover $3.5 million (January 2022)
  • Helped a golf country club in North Carolina with 100+ W2 employees recover more than $4.8 million (February 2022)
  • Helped an owner of 11 Burger King franchises with 90+ W2 employees in Michigan recover more than $3.8 million (December 2021)

  • Finance
  • Taxes
  • Tax Credits
  • E-business Tax Credit
  • Multimedia Tax Credit
  • OIDMTC Tax Credit
  • Sales Tax Recovery
  • Property Tax
  • Capital & financing
  • Innovation funding including tax credits
  • Lease Audit
  • Valuation
  • Employer funding including Tax Credits
  • Grants
  • Government Grants
  • CanExport
  • Ontario Centers of Innovation

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