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Change Capacity Assessment


  • Business Strategy
  • Leadership


  • Grow
  • Launch
  • Plan
  • Solve


Are you ready for Change? Change, big or small, is unsustainable if it only happens on the surface. Despite the best intentions, real change requires the presence of fundamental mindsets, tendencies, and beliefs that create an environment for learning and growing.

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The purpose of the Change Capacity Assessment is to measure the presence of these fundamentals in order to expose the capacity of a business to implement and sustain real change. 

Regardless of the size or depth of the change you are looking to create – whether implementing a broad strategic plan or a targeted new technology – the Change Capacity Assessment will help you predict your success, expose obstacles before you hit them, and identify individual influencers on your team who may help or hinder your initiative. 

The result is change management informed by the capacity you have today, driving towards achievable goals that build momentum for tomorrow.  This assessment provides data on the fundamental mindsets, tendencies, and beliefs required to drive real and sustainable change. 



  • Leadership team will take the assessment
  • Results of the assessment will be provided in a full report


  • Change Capacity Assessment results
  • Set of recommendations for of change hindering facets 


  • Once all desired leaders have completed the assessment, deliverable of the report and set of recommendations is two weeks


  • The client will set up a short-time frame deadline for each of the respondents to take the survey
  • The client will provide accurate contact information for all leaders taking the assessment
  • Additional items outside of this scope of service is an additional engagement

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