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Business Diagnostic


  • Business Strategy
  • Operations


  • Grow
  • Launch
  • Manage
  • Plan
  • Solve


Find your company blind spots, gaps and failure points. Current-state understanding is the first step in getting to sustainable growth.

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A Team’s approach to business can be measured. Catching misalignment with qualified data early will prevent gaps from widening and failure points from increasing.  Quantifiable growth problems are rooted in operational, behavioral, and culture misalignment. Most leaders know what is happening, but they don’t know why it is happening. Catching and correcting blind spots saves time, customer service, employee retention and revenue.  This system delivers numbers you can measure, mitigate inaction, and give your team a playbook on how to remove the blind spots you find. 



  • Consultant will prepare the leadership team to take the business diagnostic
  • Consultant will gather data and perform the business diagnostic with the entire leadership team in one morning or afternoon
  • Consultant will provide a complete report of the results from the business diagnostic


  • Complete business diagnostic report
  • Debrief team on the results of the business diagnostic


  • One-half of a day for data gathering and completion of the business diagnostic
  • Provide a full report and debrief within one to two weeks, depending on the organization’s time line


  • Client will make all decision makers available for half a day
  • Client will require staff to prepare for the meeting with instructions provided by the consultant
  • Additional items outside of this scope of service is an additional engagement and can include a strategic plan, operational plan or cultural / organizational development

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