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DiSC® Profile


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Find out insights into an employee's ability to communicate and build relationships with co-workers.

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Everything DiSC® assessments are used in thousands of organizations around the world, from sprawling government agencies and Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits and small businesses. The reason is simple: Everything DiSC® profiles help build stronger, more effective working relationships.

Find out how associates respond to conflict, what motivates them and how they solve problems.  Knowing your team DiSC®  profile will improve communication and understanding between team members.  Leadership can become more effective when they learn the preferred working styles of associates. 

Finally, make sure before you hire that the candidate naturally fits the role you want the candidate to fill.  The DiSC® profile provides non-judgmental information that can help a leader improve their team’s communication and effectiveness. 


  • Identified associates or candidate will receive a link from the consultant to take the profile
  • Consultant will develop a team will
  • Debrief all associates and candidates on the results of their assessment
  • Include a DiSC®  Team Wheel of your team


  • The consultant will provide the link immediately to associates once contact information is received
  • A report with a personal debrief for all taking the assessment
  • Provide a DiSC®  Team wheel to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the team
  • Educate team on the different DiSC®  styles and their strengths and weaknesses


  • Once all assessments are completed, 30 days to complete DiSC® Team Disc Wheel
  • Within same 30-day window, set up and provide a debrief for each respondent
  • Same 30-day window, develop recommendations


  • The client will set up a short-time frame deadline for each of the respondents to take the survey
  • The client will provide accurate contact information for all leaders and associates 
  • The client will make all employees available as needed for debrief
  • Additional items outside of this scope of service is an additional engagement


  • Starting at $75 USD
  • $75 / person before hire
  • $75 / person for teams
  • $1000 for DISC Team wheel debrief
  • $250 / person individual debrief
  • Project package pricing available

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