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The Acceleration Coaching program is designed to help leaders successfully make the shift and accelerate the value they bring to a new role.

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A new leader is a significant investment of time, cost and energy for organizations. When a transition fails it costs the organization up to 10x salary, not to mention the damage to brand reputation and team morale.

A trusted advisor in the critical early days can help the leader successfully navigate their new role by building credibility, momentum and positive results. 

The First 100 Days program is designed to help leaders successfully make the shift and accelerate the value they bring to a new role.



Preparing to start.

A one size fit all approach does not work when it comes to leader onboarding. Together with the hiring manager, we assess the changes the new leader will need to adapt to. Our objective is to tailor the program to support the areas of highest risk for your new or newly promoted leader.


A new leader’s action or inaction in early days will significantly influence the performance of the business, for better or for worse. Leveraging a structured program, the leader will develop their 100-day plan. Supporting this plan is the Hogan Assessment to help the leader understand the impact of their style and identify potential barriers to success. The result: The leader builds positive momentum, avoids early miscues and establishes credibility with key stakeholders.


The leader is then supported by three months of ongoing coaching to help them accelerate their time to full-performance.


Preparing to start

  • One 90-minute session with the hiring manager


  • Stakeholder interviews
  • One to Two 90-minute sessions with the new leader to develop their plan.
  • Hogan Self-Assessment and debrief
  • Goal setting and planning meeting
  • Goal alignment meeting with the hiring manager


  • Six 1-hour coaching sessions for 3 months
  • Completion meeting


3-4 months


  • The leader is empowered to immediately create positive momentum and see early wins.
  • The leader has greater clarity and builds alignment on their mandate.
  • The leader is better able to adjust to new norms and they avoid costly mis-steps that may be hard to recover from. 
  • They develop a strategy to build key relationships and set expectations.
  • Key stakeholders are more confident in the leaders ability to succeed and drive results.
  • For promoted leaders, they are better prepared for the responsibilities of the new role.

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