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Great teams don’t happen by accident. In fact, less than 2 in 10 teams think they are high-performing. With coaching, teams improve performance by an average of 20%.

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Getting it right doesn’t come by chance. If you are like most teams, there are areas in which you are underperforming your potential. 

  • With so much change these days, you and your team suffer from exhaustion and burn-out
  • Your results are inconsistent. You might swing between performance highs and lows. 
  • You struggle to master team competencies like accountability, alignment and communication.
  • You struggle to create the conditions for psychological safety and diversity of ideas. 
  • You waste precious time and energy with ineffective decision making or unproductive conflict.

Team coaching focuses on the revealing, improving and sustaining the competencies necessary for high performance.

It works where familiar interventions alone struggle to maximize sustainable change.

  • Team Building. The effect of the event tends to fade and the team returns to business as usual. When integrated with team coaching, the benefits derived from team building activities are extended into the way a team interacts and connects on a day-to-day basis.
  • Skills Training. Too often the system for practice and learning is not sustained. Team coaching creates the space for teams to practice new skills, get feedback and stay accountable.
  • Leadership Development. By improving the leader, you improve the team’s result, but the impact is indirect. Team coaching develops both the leader AND the team in service of achieving business results.

What makes team coaching effective?

  • Coaching is integrated into the work of the team. 
  • Team members learn new skills such as role clarification, conflict management, delivering and receiving feedback and decision making in the context of solving real business problems.
  • Coaching helps the team to set up conditions for their success and to create an agenda that gets them laser-focused on their desired end goals. 
  • Coaching helps team members create and stay accountable to a shared team culture by defining norms and guiding principles to govern how work gets done.

How it works

Phase 1 – You are here. 

  • Once we have defined the team and our objectives, the journey begins with The Team Diagnostic™ from Team Coaching International. 
  • The Team Diagnostic measures the team on the 14 indicators that must be present for the team to be productive and to create an environment that supports effective collaboration.
  • This is not a judgment of the team—it is a baseline. On the map of this team’s journey, it represents “You Are Here”. The next question is, “are you getting the results you want?” followed by, “What’s next?”

Phase 2 – Reveal the conditions.

  • After the team members take a 20 minute anonymous online assessment, the data is compiled into a team report. There are a number of graphic layers, each layer more detailed.
  • Each step of the way the team gets to see and talk about their results, from a high level view of the two dimensions, Productivity and Positivity, to a more detailed view looking at each of the 14 factors.

Phase 3 – Improve the Conditions.

  • Team coaching typically takes place once a month over a period of time, usually six months or more. The team works on real business problems while learning and practicing the skills to improve their performance. 
  • At the end of that period we do a second assessment to show the progress of the team over time.

Sample Program


  • Program Goals
  • Roles & Responsibilities

Deploy Team Assessment

  • Benchmark the 14 team performance indicators using the Team Diagnostic Assessment

Team Reveal Workshop

  • 2-day workshop to debrief the team on the results including
    • Define team purpose 
    • Establish KPIs
    • Create critical team agreements
    • Identify Team Toxins and/or Conflict Protocol
    • Define an action plan

Ongoing Team Coaching 

  • 8-two hour sessions, approx 1/month including
    • Team check-in
    • Assess action plan progress
    • Develop team skills
    • Action sessions 

Measure Results

  • Redeploy Team Diagnostic Assessment
  • Measure KPIs


  • Clarifies roles team members naturally fit & mixture of roles on the team
  • Brings to light strengths & team culture
  • Highlights potential blind spots or derailers
  • Improves collaboration and communication within your team
  • Maximize your team’s effectiveness and profitability
  • Removes barriers to alignment and efficiency
  • Diagnoses areas of productive conflict and unproductive friction
  • Align the team’s personalities with team goals using custom-facilitated insights


  • Program is delivered virtually

Price: Starting at $12,500 USD

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