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Identity Assessment


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What is your business identity? How does your team align in skills? Have your leaders and staff take the 2-minute Business Identity Assessment and obtain feedback on how your team's underlying mindset drives the business.

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The short, less than two minutes, assessment will set the stage for a better and deeper conversation about how your team is implementing your business plan. By participating in the survey, leaders will gain a better understanding of institutionalized mindsets that may be supporting or hindering your goals.  The results show how your leaders and team are either aligned or misaligned in their perspectives on both vision and tactics.  This is not a personality test.  The purpose is to align perspectives and not people.  



  • Each team leader and identified team members will receive a link from the consultant to take the assessment
  • Consultant will develop a business identify map
  • Debrief everyone taking the assessment


  • The consultant will provide a business identify map
  • A report with the debrief for everyone taking the assessment
  • A results comparison along resource allocation, implementation, strategy and people
  • Recommendations for moving forward by creating clarity, consensus, intentionality, and precision


  • Once all assessments are completed, 30 days to complete business identify map
  • Within same 30-day window, set up and provide a debrief for each respondent
  • Same 30-day window to complete the results comparison
  • Same 30-day window, develop recommendations


  • The client will set up a short-time frame deadline for each of the respondents to take the survey
  • The client will provide accurate contact information for all leaders and associates 
  • The client will make all employees available as needed for debrief
  • Additional items outside of this scope of service is an additional engagement

PRICING: From $1000 to $3000 USD (depending on number of employees)

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