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Clarify, simplify, and achieve your organization’s vision with Traction


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The leading team management system today is documented in the book TractionⓇ. We help you immediately begin identifying and addressing the classic 136 recurring business issues that plague team and business performance using the Traction system.

Tim Riley
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Help your organization clarify, simplify, and achieve its vision using the top-rated systems outlined in the book TractionⓇ. I make the process of implementing Traction into your organization as effortless and effective as possible. I will help you clearly identify, simplify, and take immediate action on your short- and long-term goals, your strategies and tactics, your vital issues, your people issues, your KPI/OKR metrics, and establish a proven cadence for accountability, agility, and performance. 


  • I will lead planning and implementation sessions to successfully install the Traction system
  • I will host and lead online sessions with your team. 


  • I will provide all key tools needed for implementation
  • I will capture and distribute all key content and data
  • If Client elects to utilize a 3rd-party online Traction service, I will populate all data for the Client
  • I will chair up to 3 weekly Level-10 meetings 


  • For full-adoption of the Traction system at the team level, it generally requires 7-10 full consulting days over 18-24 months. Generally three quarterly and one annual meeting to measure progress and identify goals. That said, consider each ½ day a standalone that will add significant value. 


  • Includes 1 reschedule of event date(s) with 2-week notice
  • Client will ensure uninterrupted attendance and online access to Zoom for all relevant team members
  • Out-of-scope or additional requests will require a separate Engagement

PRICE: $2,500 US per ½ day. First 30-Minute Introductory Session Free. Price does not include optional but highly recommended 3rd party online tools.

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