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  • John K The Pond 1

    The Pond: a small book about making big changes

    John K $10.00 excluding tax

    For managers, leaders, and human resource professionals who are seeking tools for themselves and their teams, the story of The Pond demonstrates that change can be handled successfully. There is hope in the midst of uncertainty. Growth, trust, and smooth transition are possible through learning how to look at things anew.

  • COPY John K The Pond

    Turned On and Tuned Out: A Guide to Understanding and Managing Tech Dependence

    John K $12.00 excluding tax

    John Kriger takes the risk to examine the negative ways many people use today’s technology. Using and comparing tech use today to the DSM Criteria for Substance Use Disorder, this insightful book takes nothing away from modern advances but confronts head on the potential negative impact of constant texting, gaming, social networking, and other potentially destructive behaviors.