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Business Operations Scorecard (30-60-90 days)

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A weekly business management tool that frontline managers can use to analyze, forecast and plan their business proactively.

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This is a development tool for business leaders to get them in the practice of seeing their business with fresh eyes weekly. The tool allows for weekly planning habits to develop into planning or forecasting skill sets that allows for the development of business acumen. This is a great tool for new or seasoned business managers  alike! 


All areas of business operations can be measured/analyzed: 

  • Inventory Management
  • Merchandising
  • Business & Sales Analysis
  • People / Team Analysis
  • Business Development & Planning


Business managers who follow this tool will develop a sense of confidence and an awareness of how their improvements are being felt in the business at the 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days mark. Managers experience a shift from telling themselves things like: ‘the business happened to me… I couldn’t have done anything differently,” to saying, “I can finally see the cause and effect relationship of certain business functions and their impact on a specifically targeted business pillar.” Those using this tool will begin to see the nuances in their business that create the results.  Because of this awareness you’re able to see how week over week you can change something, tweak something, and have a direct and desired result. 


This is not a do it once and you’re done type of tool; rather,  it’s meant to lead to a practice of continual improvement of how to manage business operations with cause and effect accuracy which can be reset and reused again and again every 30-60-90-day business cycle. 



  • Access to short video guide on “How to Use This Tool”

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