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Visual Factory Assessment


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The Visual Factory Assessment reviews and critiques how you use icons, pictures, documents and display boards to communicate status, performance, safety and business information in the work area. A report with recommendations will be created.

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Are you working in an environment where everyone has the information they need readily at hand to guide them in keeping Customer First as their priority? The Visual Factory is a key concept in a high-performance operation. The Visual Factory Assessment will look at how you communicate safety, goals, performance data, work instructions, team area status and other important information that allows supervisors and team members to function autonomously. We will take a look at images you provide from selected work areas and work in a whiteboard environment (Miro) to review, critique and suggest improvement in approach and content.


  • We will work collaboratively using a whiteboard app to review selected aspects of one or two team areas. Work sessions will include a one-hour meeting with the client’s team lead and two one-hour workshop sessions with the client’s team lead and team members. Client will obtain pictures/videos of the team areas being assessed and be able to upload them to the whiteboard environment


  • Upon completion the client will receive an assessment report with recommendations as well as digital copies of the workshop materials.

TIMING: The duration of the assessment is typically 2 – 3 weeks


  • You must have initiated a visual communication strategy and started implementation.
  • You must be authorized to share images from your shop floor and team areas/rooms.
  • You must be able to access a whiteboard environment hosted by the consultant.

If you need help to start this important aspect of high-performance operations, I will develop a customized proposal for you.

PRICE: Starting from $1500 USD.

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