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Value Stream Mapping Workshop


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The Value Stream Mapping Workshop develops a value stream/process flow map of the current state of a selected dock to dock process and allows us to propose and discuss ways to improve flow and increase value.

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The process mapping workshop is an important step in ensuring that cost, quality and delivery meets customer expectations in a profitable way. By mapping the process in a workshop, all participants have a chance to provide their unique knowledge and insight into what makes the process work and where it can be improved to meet the goals of Customer First. Customer First means putting the customer at the center of your organization and designing the processes that serve the customer to ensure that the needs of the customer are always given priority, while ensuring that the organization is profitable and serves the needs of its people and the community. We will use a whiteboard environment such as Miro to collaboratively develop the map and propose changes for improvement. At the conclusion of the workshop a final current state map will be created. This map will include comments and proposals for high-level changes that will improve flow and value.

In instances where these improvements need to be tested to ensure they deliver the proposed increase in value, we can discuss and develop a proposal for a discrete event simulation/digital twin that will allow us to compare the changed state(s) to the current state using statistical data output from the simulation runs.


  • Mapping of a family of products or services from start to finish within your organization, including times for process completion, quality level, mean time between failure and mean time to repair, communication of schedules for delivery, production and incoming raw materials, current inventory levels. Work sessions will include a one- hour preparatory session with the client’s team lead and two two-hour team sessions


  • The workshop will create a value stream or process flow map (your choice of format) in electronic format with details of improvements developed during the workshop

TIMING: This workshop typically takes 2 to 3 weeks


  • Participants must be able to work in a whiteboard environment such as Miro and have a working knowledge of the processes included in the map

PRICE: $5,000 USD

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