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Ontario, Canada
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Finance, Human Resources

Since 2009 I have been helping business owners protect their families, their health, their team and their finances by educating them on insurance solutions that protect them now and in the future. As an independent insurance advisor and a former CPA, I provide clients with tax effective, creative insurance strategies that address their specific needs.

I help clients make the right insurance decisions. After all, the true value of any insurance plan is not in getting the best price and not in getting just any insurance coverage, but getting the right coverage that will pay out when you need it most.

Group Benefits and Insurance Advisor since 2009

Board Member, Experion 2016-2020

Board Member, Groyourbiz, 2015-2019

Corporate Insurance

I provided a lawyer with a corporate permanent insurance policy that not only reduces her tax bill now, but also will allow her family to access trapped corporate funds virtually tax free when she passes. The policy will grow tax free during her lifetime, and if she chooses, she can use some of that to supplement her retirement assets in the future.

Group Benefits

Helped a business that sellsĀ  promotional products get important healthcare coverage. They cancelled their group benefit plan since their costs skyrocketed due to high claims (from one person on the team), but needed to provide a plan to their team. I found a better plan and significantly better rates, with a guarantee of a rate cap going forward, so the plan remains affordable.

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  • Insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Personal insurance
  • Corporate insurance
  • Estate Planning
  • Human Resources
  • Compensation & benefits
  • Employee benefits
  • Group benefits
  • Key person insurance

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