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Independent Insurance Assessment – Group Benefit Plans


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Make sure your group benefit plan is set up properly and competitively priced!
We conduct a review of your existing group plan coverage, and approach carriers for competitive quotes and determine what plan would best suit your needs.

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What is a Group Benefit Independent Insurance Assessment?
Assessments provide a review of existing group benefit plan contracts to ascertain the best options that maximize your benefits, at the best price in the market.

This includes in depth analysis of:

  • Current benefits being offered
  • Analysis of claims and usage to understand how your team is using the plan
  • Comparison of what other employers in your industry are offering
  • Competitive quotes with other insurers to determine if you can reduce your costs
  • Additional resources and offerings available to your company
  • Recommendations for plan changes and/or enhancements

This engagement serves two goals:
I’ll review your existing plan and other options available so that you can understand if it continues to serve your needs and support your team as they need.
Determine if you can reduce your costs on your existing plan.

DELIVERABLES/OUTPUTS: Report detailing plan coverage and competitive quotes
TIMING: 3-4 weeks
ASSUMPTIONS: Existing group benefits coverage, access to be granted for group insurer information

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