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British Columbia, Canada
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Communications, Marketing

The answers to what you do and why you do it are the foundation of every business. Failing to nail them, owners are forced to compensate by spending countless hours and thousands of dollars convincing people of their worth.

As a writer with a knack for answering those questions, I help owners build that foundation in the form of a Brand Story, then work with them to harness the power of that story, connect with their audience, and grow a purpose-fueled business.

Education & Work History

  • Graduate of IVEY Business School with an Honours in Business Administration
  • Account Supervisor with boutique creative agency: Naked Creative Consultancy (2012–2016)
  • Marketing Director for B2B Startup: EIO Solutions (2016–2020)
  • Founder, Writer, and Value Architect for VOV Stories (2020–Present)

EIO Solutions
I helped EIO Solutions redefine the business they were in and bring two disparate products together under one unified offering.

I provided:

  • Brand strategy consulting
  • Communication Strategy
  • Copywriting and design services
  • Oversight for the production, execution, and reporting of email, social media, and direct-sales campaigns

What they had to say:

“We had two main services that we didn’t know how to talk about in the same sentence, but John showed us how they fit together under a bigger, clearer mission. Since then, we’ve gained far more attention from customers, partners, and investors, and our employees feel like they’re working together on something big!”

  • Communications
  • Content and Copy
  • Content Strategy
  • Email Copy
  • UX Writing
  • Sales Copy
  • Scriptwriting
  • Speechwriting
  • Business Names & Slogans
  • Communications Strategy
  • Communications Guide
  • Messaging Bible
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Value Foundations
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity

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