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Story Consulting (Monthly)


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Build on your foundation, communicate effectively and efficiently, and grow a purpose-fueled business with ongoing support from a Value Architect.

John Trainor
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We won’t grow if we don’t tell our story.

Your time and resources are limited, and marketing tactics can easily drain both. Just choosing where to invest is overwhelming to the point of paralysis.

Plus, distilling your entire value into bite-sized pieces can seem impossible! Yet even the best plan will fall flat if the message doesn’t resonate.

The good news? You don’t need to do everything, and you don’t need to get fancy. To successfully get your story out there, we simply need to answer three questions:

  • Who needs to hear it?
  • Where will they be listening?
  • What should we say?

As your partner in growth, I will help you answer those questions. We’ll keep you focused on tactics that will reach your audiences and help you translate the Story we created as your foundation into messages that will resonate.


  • Communication strategy, including:
    • Target personas
    • High-level media planning
    • Messaging strategy
  • Monthly growth planning & review meetings
  • Creative Oversight, including support in finding, briefing, and overseeing production of creative assets like videos, web, social campaigns, and more
  • Up to 2,000 words of copywriting/month


  • Strategy presentation
  • Target personas
  • Website copy
  • Press releases
  • Blog posts
  • Email copy
  • Creative assets (produced in conjunction with creative professionals)

TIMING: Timing of deliverables will be discussed in the monthly planning & review meeting


  • Client will supply input for creation of content.
  • Creative professionals (producers, developers, art directors, etc.) will be engaged to produce required communications. Fees for these professionals are not included in the consultant fee.
  • No strict limit is set on hours worked in any given month, however the completion of projects will be subject to consultant’s availability. (Consultant commits to a minimum of ten (10) hours of support per month.
  • If copywriting required exceeds 2,000 words, consultant may defer new writing projects to the following month or bill for additional services.

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