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5 Strategies to Boost Sales
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Every business wants to enjoy year-over-year growth; so what are the most effective strategies to generate continuous sales?

Need expert help to boost sales? Book a free live Intro Session.
Need expert help to boost sales? Book a free live Intro Session.

Here are my top 5:

1. Lead with your most unique value

To really stand out from the crowd you need to distill what you offer down to what is of most value and ideally unique to you. This is your Unique Value Proposition (UVP). It is what separates you from your competition and energizes your customers. Your marketing and sales efforts need to focus on this one area as it will generate the most interest that can be converted to sales.

2. Know your target customer

What type of customer benefits the most from your unique value? Who are they? What is their biggest problem at the moment? What are their goals?  And what is the most effective way to reach them? Answer these questions and you will develop a strong pipeline of leads ready for conversion.

3. Sell the story

Convey your unique value through the power of a story. A good story is both logical with strong facts and imbued with emotion—both the head and the heart must be triggered to inspire urgency and action. Strive for simplicity in your storytelling and use real customer examples whenever possible. Sell your story everywhere across marketing, branding and train your salespeople to sell using the power of a story.

4. Create a frictionless customer experience

The moment a customer makes first contact with your business they are making assumptions about your level of professionalism, reliability and quality based on these interactions—no matter how small or insignificant they may be. Now is the time to review your sales process from the top of the funnel through to onboarding new customers to ensure it’s the best possible experience. Minimizing any customer friction in the buying process will also reduce the sales lifecycle and time to close, as well as increase conversion rates—all significant contributors to sales growth.

5. Find growth opportunities among existing customers

Some businesses are sitting on an untapped goldmine: their current customers.  Sometimes we can be so focused on business development through new customer acquisition we can forget the growth opportunity with existing customers. Often, your unique value will resonate strongly with existing customers and by growing their “share of wallet” it is also a much lower cost of sale. Ask yourself: what additional goods or services would be of value to people? Should customers increase the frequency of buying habits? Are premium versions of existing solutions available?

There are other areas that can contribute to overall sales growth but these 5 are a great place to start. Going through this checklist will put your business in a stronger position to grow and allow you to pivot more quickly with changing market conditions.

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