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Elevate your product's performance with this holistic Product Analytics service, where I harness intricate usage analytics and compelling data visualizations to propel data-driven decisions that steer your business towards unparalleled success.

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This service offers a transformative approach to enhance your product’s success.

The journey begins with in-depth usage analytics, leveraging Heap/Mixpanel to gather valuable data on user behavior. Utilizing PowerBI, I create visually compelling data visualizations to interpret complex data, providing you with actionable insights.
My service includes pre/post-deployment analytics, enabling you to assess the impact of product updates on user behavior for further enhancements/bugs/fixes accordingly. Through quality assurance, I ensure your product meets high standards and delivers a seamless user experience.


  • Comprehensive recommendations presentation in PDF format,
  • Insights from usage analytics software (Heap/Mixpanel)
  • Insights further moved downstream to PBI for detailed analyses
  • Suggestions based on collected data

TIMING: This service typically requires 4-5 weeks to deliver a comprehensive analytics report.

Throughout the engagement, I ensure collaboration and clarity, hosting live meetings to discuss progress and gather your input. I swiftly adapt to your business needs, accommodating additional analysis or exploring new data avenues as required.

Specific timelines will be agreed upon after purchase, tailored to suit your product objectives.

To ensure a seamless experience, I assume you will provide access to usage data, constructive feedback and guidance in reviews to employ alterations based on user interactions.

PRICE: $250 – $750 USD

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