From the Ground Up: Fractional Product Leadership (Weekly)

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Don’t have a product lead on board to help bring your new business to life? Have a seasoned product expert act as your interim Product Lead to help your team and product level up.


Have a new startup and don’t have a product lead on board? Not sure how to productize an idea and bring it from concept to market? Spending time and money building features that aren’t resonating with your customers? Need help creating order out of chaos in how the team is structured and what processes are implemented?

Working with me, you’ll have a seasoned product expert acting as your Interim Product Lead to help your team and product level up. I will help to build your product strategy, team, and processes from the ground up to get the most value out of your team’s efforts and bring your ideas to life while minimizing churn. 

I work with your team for up to 20 hours per week to deliver one or more of the following services based on your current challenges and needs. Rate is weekly and prorated based on scope and time commitment. 


  • Executive facilitation (facilitate conversations with executive teams on creating a product-led organization)
  • Mentorship of existing team
  • Problem Framing, North Star, Product Strategy, People. Process, and Performance Measurement recommendations
  • Weekly planning and review meetings


  • Recommendations (delivered in presentation and document format) on:
    • Product strategy
    • Problem framing 
    • Hiring
    • Team structure
    • Product tools
    • Decision frameworks/Establish product prioritization process
    • Team processes
    • Establishing PM responsibilities
    • Establishing product development cycle 
    • Establishing meeting format and cadence + communication across stakeholders/teams
  • Feedback – I provide a fresh perspective to help you identify new opportunities, reduce customer friction points, and uncover blind spots
  • Hiring – Build strong Product teams
    • Create Product job ladder 
    • Create Product job postings
    • Outline Hiring Process
    • Create Cast Studies
    • Help you find a CPO


  • Timing of deliverables will be discussed in weekly planning & review meetings.


  • Client has a business and product concept and small team established 
  • Client will provide input to enable creation of deliverables
  • Founding members and other essential team members (i.e. engineering, design, marking) will be engaged to assist in information gathering to enable creation of deliverables
  • If there are existing users of the product, client will provide access to a segment of these users to enable creation of deliverables
  • If hours exceed 20 per week, excess hours are possible and billed as additional services

PRICE: $3000/week (up to 20 hours)

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