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Individualized Coaching for the Small to Midsize Business Owner


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For many small business owners looking to improve performance, a big challenge is finding the right peer network to connect to.  Too time consuming, too expensive, or too revealing can be deterrents for business owners. Individual coaching with a problem solving advocate may be the answer.

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Sharing company or competitive information about the challenges you or your business face can be uncomfortable.  But, it’s often peer-to-peer dialogue which leads to new ideas, personal reflections, and new enthusiasm.

Unfortunately for the small business owner, making time for local business networking groups can be restrictive, expensive, and uncomfortable.  That’s why planned or ad hoc business coaching with Cansulta may be the answer.  Your personal Cansulta coach can listen without judgment, provide feedback and guidance based on decades of practical experience, and recommend additional materials to provide further direction.  

Your Cansulta coach can be a trusted professional advisor who’s one step removed from your team, your family, and your local peers.  In that capacity, you can discuss issues and challenges in absolute confidence, and with the confidence that a professional coach is acting in your interests!

Per session includes:


  • Cansulta Coach will: 
    • Work with you to find the schedule that best fits your need
    • Clarify the areas of specific concern, and the goals for each session
    • Host the meeting(s), summarize each discussion, list the action items and/or guidance.
    • Retain a confidential record of session notes for future reference as warranted.


  • Summary Report in MS Word format which includes:
    • Summary of meeting topics/agenda
    • Listing of topics, decisions, and action steps
    • Additional reference follow up recommendations as warranted


Includes video or phone sessions of up to one hour each, scheduled either regularly or “as-needed” with several days advance notice. A specific schedule will be agreed between Client and Consultant after purchase. 


  • Client will provide constructive feedback and guidance in sessions
  • Client will commit to agreed upon schedule to the degree possible
  • Ad hoc session scheduling may be requested, with the understanding that a two-day lead time is required and and client schedule flexibility may be required

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